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British Council IELTS result for 10 May 2014 announced

British Council IELTS result for  10 May 2014 announced


ielts expert result facilityCandidates who have appeared for IELTS exam on 10 May 2014 can now check their result and get some sign of relief.

Please check your result and in case you do not get your desired band. you may contact Sir Alam who can help you chase your desired band.

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Once you give your IELTS exam , it takes 13 working days for IELTS results to be announced. You can check your result online or wait for one more day for the certificate to reach at the address you have mentioned in the form.

British Council Online result checking facility is for only 40 days from the day result is announced. So make sure to check before it disappears your result.

You need the information mentioned below to get your online result.

1.  Test Date: *

2.  Date of Birth: *

3.  Identification Document Number: *

4.  Candidate Number: *


British Council IELTS result for 10 May 2014 announced

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28 Responses so far.

  1. Damir says:


    The ielts esults for 10th may are not announced yet. I checked the website

  2. Bilal Shaukat says:

    I already give all the option but still they are saying that there is No Results Found??
    Kindly help me so i can check my result.
    I checked all the option 10 times but still they are given me the same answer.

  3. Syeda says:

    Result has been announced but i dont see mine when i enter required inputs. Anyone knows what is the problem?

  4. Dana says:

    It still tells me no results found??

  5. aysha says:

    i am not able to check my ielts results. it says no results found. is it announced ??

  6. ajoke says:

    Despite the sms sent that the result is online ,i cannot see anything. No result found is what is display

  7. ajoke says:

    i’m still waiting for reply

  8. kiran karim says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school. The causes are as follows, in school we all know children have their own social and small groups where actually they sit eat and study. Sometimes with friend they get use to with wrong friends as well, like a friend with drug habit, where we all know they start to stealing things from home and they try to lie to parents as well sometimes children think they are independent, they don’t ask anybody for help and just do whatever they do is right. This are the concerns, where actually parents or sometime children thing they should go to better school, where actually they have good friends and they all study happily together.
    According to the topic, the solution as follows, as a parent we should ask questions to our children, where they actually go after school, Are they coming directly to home, or sometime they say they being to the library. As a parent is not we don’t trusts them, but we need to understand them talk to them and give them options and choices in their lives. We need to meet their school teachers, not only in staff meeting but we need to meet them in a week or two week to ask is the child behavior is being change in school is there anything which you want me to focus, which will help a development of child.
    In a s other solution, there are also some positive impact on school through using other facilities like library, computer lab and also this facilities give children opportunity as well through give children different aspect to live in a society.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      – Keep three parts separate means introduction, body and conclusion.
      – use “get used to” form correctly by using “-d” letter at the end.
      – so much repetition of subject “they, children and friends” words.

      – Avoid repetition of words, subjects and ideas.
      – Plan the answer well by choosing certain paragraphs for it.

  9. kiran karim says:

    task 1 line graph (class assignment)

    A line graph (class assignment)
    The graph shows us a data about the number of visitors went to three museums between June and September 2013 in summer. According to the information there were 3 types’ visitors which are follows with their details.
    In British museum in a picture in the month of June there are 6, 00,000 visitors went to see this place, the line went upwards which means number of visitors increases approximately 1,00,000 people in July. Afterwards the amount of visitors decreases in the month of august which was 5, 00,000.In addition a picture illustrates a quantity of visitors increases in September approximately 6.500,000.
    In July a slide function shows that approximately 5.500,000 people went to visit the natural history museum which decreases in July to 3.500,000 and then shows the same visitors in august. In the month of September it increases nearly to 4.500,000.
    In the third science museum it shows that 4,00,000 people went to see this place, where as in July a rate of visitors decreases approximately 3.500,000 and in august it decreases as well with the amount of 3,00,000 visitors. In other hand in September the quantity of visitors increases approximately to 4.500,000

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      – Do not use pronoun like “us” in graphs as it shows opinion which we should avoid and informality.
      – Keep introduction separate by keeping introduction and overview sentence it.
      – Watch capital letters like months “August”

      Keep it up

  10. kiran karim says:

    The graph shows a data changes in the amount and type of fast food consumed by Australian teenagers from 1975 to 2000.
    In 1975 the 100 times pizza was eaten by teenagers. It also shows that in 1980, the numbers are fall apart; then again in 1985 approximately 90 times pizza was eaten. Afterwards pizza decreases a value every year from 1990-2000.
    In 1975 ham burgers shows a value upwards to approximately 82 times eaten per year, an d then value of food increases in following years 1985,1990,1995 and 2000.
    In 1975 fish and chips starts estimated 10 times a year, gradually it remains same in 1980. In 1985 it starts to increase a value through a slide function upwards to 62 times 1990. In 1995 it reaches to 85 times in a year. Afterwards in 2000 it reaches to its peak point which reaches through 82 times a year.

  11. kiran karim says:

    A glance at four indicators about rail transport in four countries in 2007.Uk, USA, Japan, and Italy. In 2007 reflects the great differences that exist comparisons.
    The table shows that UK and Italy had number of people using rail transport (not metro) of 5.9 and 5.5. These figures were overwhelmingly greater than corresponding figures of 0.3 in USA and 27 in Japan.
    Reflected overall levels of affluence in the four nations. Passenger km per head of population for example the higher among the more economically developed countries. Japan reported the highest passenger km per head of population is in 1980. This was followed by UK 770, USA 80 and ITALY 780.
    The amount of cargo carried billions of tons followed by the same ranking UK 22.2 billions of tons.
    Italy took 21.9 billion of tons; the same figures for USA were 2,820 and Japan were 23.01 respectively.

  12. kiran karim says:

    The chart shows number of 3 Britain periods where men and women studying full-time and part-time education.
    In 1970-71 quantity of men who studying full-time education was 1000. Then 50 men’s study part-time education. In 1980-81 there were 800 people who study full-time education. Then nearly 100 people study part-time education. In 1980-81 there was 800 people study full-time education and then 150 student study part-time education. In 1990-91 there were 825 people study full-time education and 200 people study part-time education.
    In 1970-71 the number of women who study full-time education was nearly 700. There was estimated on 25 women who study part-time education.
    In 1980-81 was 800 women who study full-time education and these were only 150 people who study part-time education. In the year 1990-91 there was approximately 1100 women who study full-time education and then nearly 225 women who study part-time education.
    Overall the chart demonstrates that in the categories of men and women who study full-time and part-time was on average basis.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      – Do not use “quantity” word for men.
      – Avoid making short incomplete sentences andd excessive use of then.
      – Use “were” for plural.

      not bad, keep it up.. Kiran…

  13. kiran karim says:

    Pie chart
    The pie chart compare the total school spending by insurance, other workers salaries, resources, teachers and furniture and equipment across 3 years 1981,1991 and 2001.
    In 1981 only 2% of school insurance, and then 15% spend on resources for example books. Teacher’s salaries were 40%. This situation had changed radically by 1991 and 2001.In 1991 insurance was 3 % were teachers’ salaries were 50% and resources were 20%. In 2001 the insurance was 8%, resources were 9%, furniture and equipment were 23% and teacher’s salaries were 45%.
    Although, according to this situation it shows sources are getting increases in 1991, where furniture and equipment were deceases, the same difference came to teacher’s salaries as well in 1991 through 10%.
    In 1981, 1991 and 2001, if we see insurance is getting upwards by different percentages. Regarding other workers salaries was decreases in both years and then fall apart with 15% there in 2001 and 22%in 1991.
    In conclusion we can see that in 30 years from 1981-1991, 1991-2001 there have been huge positive developments to the total school spending in UK.

  14. kiran karim says:

    The picture shows the Australian bureau of meteorology collects up to the minute information on the seasons in order to produce reliable forecasts.
    In first stage which is incoming information, in this part it comes through satellite which connects to analysis and fore casting and radar. Afterwards radar connects to houses and synoptic chart, this picture show relation with the dritting budy. In the second stage preparing the broadcast connects to various devices which areas follow like broadcast through TV news reader, radio and recorded announcement.
    In conclusion if we are using all this things for this institute which collects data from everywhere through different resources like TV reader, synoptic chart, satellite photo, and radar screen. Through radio and recorded announcement.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      – Use “graph” word not “picture”.
      – First sentence there is repetition “In first stage” and “in this part”
      – Do not use word “in conclusion” as this is not essay or you have to give your opinion finally.
      – Last sentence there is repetition , you could have used simply “overall there are four stages”

  15. kiran karim says:

    This picture shows the growth of a village called chorley wood showings development between 1868 and 1994.
    The development start first in 1868-1883 to main roads which passes through chorley wood station on 1883-1992, underneath on that street there was a railway built on 1909, which passes through in right and left side of the motorway and railway which was built on 1970.
    In the right side of the picture in 1970-1994 railway passes through to chorley Wood Park and the golf cource. Across there was a train station as well which connects to park as well. In centre of the picture a park is connected to each and every part of development in a village, which illustrates that it would be really helpful for people in future.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      – Main roads have no dates mentioned which can state when they were made. So first sentence would be wrong.

      Just see how many periods are there overall and then explain them
      look at possible answer below
      sample answer :

      The figure shows how the village Chorleywood was developed between 1868 and 1994. As illustrated, there are four main periods. The first period lasted for 15 years and began in 1868. During that time, there was just a very small group of people living along the main road near Chorleywood Park. In the second period starting from 1883 to 1922, more people started spreading around Chorleywood station with twice the size of the population in the first period. The population was even bigger in the third period which happened after that and continued until 1970. Instead of living around the station, they went to live along the railway opposite to the side of Chorleywood Park. Finally, between 1970 and 1994, the population had reached 10 times larger than it was in the first period. During this 24-year period, there were a huge number of buildings located along the two sides of motorway.

  16. kiran karim says:

    Flow chart
    The flow chart below shows the process waste paper cycling.
    In first stage it defines from where waste paper collects comes from public paper banks and from business. In the second stage the sorting by hand where appears is graded and unsuitable for paper removed. In third stage it relate to transportation which means delivery to paper mill and different places. In fourth stage it comes to cleaning means pulping and removing from other materials like staples and paper pins. In fifth stage it comes to de-inking which means removal of inks and glues which connect to final stage from paper machine, which manufacture from usable paper,
    Overall in this process it is a clear idea that how everything is link to each other in this process.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      Keep graph structure simple in three steps

      1. Introduce graph
      2. Give overview
      3. Explain

      For Flow chart and process, learn proper use of passive tense. You have made many passive tense mistakes.

  17. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Kiran,

    You need more practice on graph and essays. Keep practicing…

  18. Zain says:

    Dear Sur,
    My reault is not pasted online,It has to be posted on 2 OCT and today is 4 OCT but still no sign and it just shows no result found.
    Please help me in this matter,I wipl be your great full

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