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Best ielts institute/teacher/classes/home tutor/instructor in PECHS/Nursery/Baloach colony

How to find Best teacher in Karachi

As per increased IELTS trend all over the world, Karachi is one of the crowded city where a number of candidates give exam. Many candidates fail to choose competent and experienced teacher because of their weak assessment skills. As a result, reputable, trained and deserving teachers suffer.

Every month, approximately  4000 candidates appear in IELTS exams in Karachi from two centers which are AEO and British Council. Where these candidates go for IELTS preparation before examination is still a question in many reputable center marketing heads.

Almost every second day I get candidates approaching me in center, asking my staff whether we can give them IELTS demo classes. Some of the teachers in the market with their weak language skills trap candidates by giving them false hopes. Such as assuring them guaranteed 7 band. They also relax them by saying English is not needed but their presence. After paying fee further some tests are given and asking candidates to book their test dates, where candidates feel pleased and are hopeful with very good band score. Once they appear in exam, after 13 calendar days when results come that give them big shock which leads them to disappointment.  When such students visit my center,  they first ask for demo classes before their registration in the IELTS preparatory classes. When we refuse, they start their shocking story.

It is advised to have a 5-10 minutes session with a teacher and ask how the course will be followed and whether there is any course outline. By speaking few minutes with IELTS Instructor, you may ask him for his experience, getting an idea who well-versed in English he is. Ask the staff if they have certificates of successful students with good band which can show teacher’s performance. Keep in mind that sometimes students with good English can get good band too. Beside it, one should check whether there are friendly classrooms where students can interact well. Number of students in group that institute has should also be checked if students are less, classes may not be interactive. Not only to check  numbers of candidates in  groups but also how mature and competent candidates with good English they are, which may help you improve by sharing their good experiences in reading and speaking and other modules of IELTS exam.

If candidate’s English is weak, he should focus on language development rather than going for IELTS preparatory classes in any institute in Karachi. With weak English, even the best IELTS teacher in Karachi cannot help you. As you may not be able to read the instructions in listening, reading and writing, as a result, you are likely to make many mistakes like, not following the main idea and give irrelevant answers. Furthermore, in reading passages you may not pick information such as general and specific which consequently, cannot help you in answering questions. In listening, same time you listen, read and write which becomes challenging with weak English. So it is advised to Go for Language classes in any good center or search online website to help you with that.

By Mohammad Alam



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