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What is IELTS Speaking Test?

What is IELTS Speaking Test? IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Speaking is one of the four components of the IELTS exam, designed to assess non-native English speakers’ English language proficiency. It is a standardized measure for those wishing to study, work, or migrate to English-speaking countries. The other three components of the IELTS exam are IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading,…

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IELTS Reading Tips for 9 band Score with Sir Alam

IELTS Reading Tips for 9 band Score

It is possible to achieve a band 9 in IELTS Reading!

Many test-takers have written to us, claiming that it is an impossible task for non-native English speakers. “Scoring 9.0 on IELTS Reading is very difficult for those whose first language is not English,” they say. They cannot know all that tricky vocabulary”. Of course, you will encounter some unfamiliar words on the IELTS Reading Test. But don’t worry, and it’s completely normal!

The primary goal of IELTS Reading is to assess your ability to comprehend what you’ve read. So it’s fine if you don’t know some words; you can guess their meaning and still get a band 9!

Surprisingly, almost all test takers lose marks not for lack of knowledge but for making simple mistakes! As a result, we have compiled a list of10 IELTS Reading tips that will help you achieve a high score in IELTS Reading:

  1. Read through and keep an eye out for the answers.

Reading requires looking only for the main points. You don’t have to read every word carefully. Remember that you only need to answer the questions. So read the text quickly and then start looking for answers.

  1. Keep an eye on the clock.

Remember that you only have 60 minutes to read three texts and answer 40 questions. You will not be given additional time to complete your answer sheet, so plan wisely.

  1. Do you have proper spelling?

Check your spelling before filling out the answer sheet. If the answer is spelled correctly, you will receive no points.

  1. Maintain the order

Remember that, in most cases, the questions follow the order of the text. As a result, the answer to question 5 will follow the answer to question 4, and so on.

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IELTS Writing Correction Service

IELTS Writing Correction Service

 Many students struggle in IELTS writing to score the required bands in this section as they fail to get appropriate feedback on their grey areas. Our instructors will mark your essays highlighting the exact mistakes which cause a low band score. Apart from correcting essays grammatically, there should be also improvement in how ideas are logically organized and the way…

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