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advanced verbs for task 2 essay

advanced verbs for task 2 essay


ielts verbsFind below list of verbs which can help you increase band score in writing task 2. What candidates do is use weak verbs instead which result in lower band score. What you can do is replace weak verbs with words in this list. Keep trying them and if possible learn similar more advanced verbs.

If you are not sure how to do it. Just go through all verbs in the essay you have written and replace all verbs which look very simple. They could be like (happen, create, put extra importance).

Such skills require regular practice.



strong verbs list


Enforce      : to make people follow a rule or law

Emphasize : to place extra importance

Establish    : to create or build

Exclude    : to not include

Facilitate     : to make easy

Grant          : to agree to give

Occur        : to happen

Occupy      : to fill a space

Predict      : to say something will happen in future

Pursue    : to try to achieve

Seek        : to look for

Integrate    : to become part of

Enable      : to make something possible

Debate      : to argue

Coordinate  : to work with or communicate with different people

Contribute  : to give something





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