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9 may 2015 ielts exam questions

9 may 2015 IELTS exam questions


View and share questions for exam dated 9 may 2015. Whether it is GT or Academic simply share what came in reading, listening, speaking or writing module. The main concern of this update is to aware candidates what type of questions come in exam . In fact, it can help you in practicing as that is the real pattern from Cambridge exam. Many students ask me to recommend them Cambridge exam pattern questions , so there is nothing better than real exam pattern.



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  1. Alam Alam says:

    Every year several languages die out. Some people think this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. How far do you agree with this statement?

    Nowadays, lots of languages have been introduced throughout the world. It depends on some factors because of which several languages passes away with the time. Some of the factors like religion and culture of particular area that does not allow people to use other languages. But I do believe that languages are most important source of communication that has lots of benefits in our daily life.

    In today’s modern and fast growing world, language is the effective tool of communicate and interact with the people around the globe. Besides that, the usage of different languages has made business interaction more easy and understandable. Sometimes, this fact of limitation use over languages is depends upon particular area or region of the specific country, where people don’t prefer the use of other languages but only they use to talk in native language. For example: In China, majority of its population doesn’t prefer to speak in english or any other language. On the other hand, if we talk about some regions within the China where, people have spread their business throughout the world with the help of other languages.

    Further, existence of different languages is also considered as a learning tool or a best way to educate people. For example: In Pakistan majority of schools have changed their urdu medium subjects toenglish medium. This wayto promote education is not only enhancing the literacy rate of the country but also increases the knowledge in particular area of study.

    To conclude, I believe that use of different languages will give us different benefits in the form of platform to interact and communicate with different peoples and also helps in the development of education.

    Sandeep, Karachi

  2. As far as the topic is concerned it is undeniable fact that the development in the field of information technology has increase vapidly in all over the world. However some experts believe that additional development in technology will become the negative impact than positive side for the future. I agree with this statement.

    Firstly human life has effected from the different ways and technology is considered one of the significant causes. No doubt information technology has damaged our traditional skills and way of living. For instance, historically people meet face to face with different people and their beloved once as a result of this people did understand well and make our relationship strong but unfortunately available of technology damage this way of contact and nowadays people can contact in all over the world by using different application like Skype and Viber.

    Moreover this development not only affected our youngster or middle age people but also our children encourage to their parents to buy there gadgets and children mostly play games on these service due to which sometime it becomes the cause of failure in children studies.

    On the other side, advantages of information technology should not be avoided. There are several advantages of technology. Communications with the help internet are considered the convienty and quickest way you can contact anyone throughout the world within a minute. Eventually it is a cheapest way of communication in a expensive or costly society.
    To sum up all the above statement people should use the technology in a positive way rather than negative one.

    Muhammad Haris.

  3. Nowadays there are various methods introduced in advertising which can be objected and suppose to be obnoxious in society, however this is the only side of views points they are useful as well.

    Firstly, it is important to see that how evidence or viewers are grabbed through different act of advertising for examples advertisement has many ways to come into being, whether it is social media, commercial or print media. It has some unrealistic picturization in which the act of commercial becomes out of ethics such as the ads of bike or sharing where the appearance of female is unnecessary but they still appear.
    Similarly print media has many unwanted process and strategies which usually fade the real purpose of ads and put analogical staff to publicity. Those hoardings which policies on women rather than the designs of materials.

    Furthers social media is constantly misguide to people through dramatic and fake announcements, customers find them completely different when they click to ads.

    However, public becomes aware and get in touch for required products through advertising and many of them have the reason to watch or but products because they like the way pr presentation. If there is no advertisement hardly people get to know about variations in product or new inventions.

    In last the group of people should measure the criteria of publicity, conducting survey and there should be some laws and rules to follow while advertising.

    This would be the optimistic step towards advertising with certain orders.


  4. Tahira says:

    In this modern era where all the new thing are coming by technology advertising is supposed to be the best tool that makes it possible to show them. Some people think their the methods which are being used in advertising are not enough good for new generation and they are who alarming for the society as well other people argue that the best advertise is that one which give detail information about the product. Let us take a more detailed look about these two aspects.

    Firstly all best advertising is the key element of marketing of any company which delivers products to the consumer. They invest a huge amount to market their products and different methods to take the products in front of the users so they definitely impact on the growth of the company and generate revenue for examples if the add of Q mobile Prinka Chopra who is celebrity is marketing the product. This show that the company invests a big amount on her and it will be sell out better as the new technological mobile. Moreover, advertising is a key of awareness of new things. When you see advertise your information increase about the product and what’s coming new in it you also know by the help of advertisement. For instance add of Pakola Milk when it was only milk was old when company added new flavor in it they market their product and those who did not know awarded to see the advertise and purchasing become increase.

    On the other hand same people think that commercial advertising is increasing their pocket money as well as impacting on the brains of the children. Such as in Lux add a girl clothing is unacceptable some sexy add like adds of perfumes is showing the whole body from head to both of genders unethical way to market the product and it is also destroyed the nation culture.

    To conclude, it is true best way to minimize the advertisement give only information adds and do not show unethical ways so that they impact on both the individual and effect on society.


  5. Safoora says:

    Since last two decades there have been many identical changes in the line of information technology (IT) throughout the world and the system of communication has become easier through internet and electronic mail which are the main pillars of advancement in (IT). Despite this it seems that adverts effect may occur in this field for further developments.

    What the point is to consider those aspects which are possible to destroy natural life style and human brain may roly just on never technologies.
    This could become a serious issue if avoid. Today’s nations has already been involved to go through but still the red light is spotting to the next generation is red zone of technology wherein the people mind can divert towards dependency.

    However this field has several paths and many career options to choose machine are taking over employees. Comparing the past, the quality of worker is lasses due to latest plants and device. Beside that most of victims are undergraduates and labors who depend on daily wages whether it is about constructing building supervision food factories, fabric milk or iron mills but systematic function are covering these areas much more them in the past.

    A part from this there is no doubt that connecting people made effortless and world of web globalized the nations but the contradictory acts such as email vs. post mail, virtual meeting vs. face to face, text message vs. calling have person manifested mechanically rather than emotionally.
    In conclusion the policy of introducing new system of technology should have visible cautions and valid reasons of invention before bringing into (IT) market. The major consideration on man vs. machine can enhance more tangible effects for future developments.


  6. This world has come to a stage where food delivery is done through drone delivery and people meet through skype and facetime.

    In this era, nothing is possible without technology as without any doubt, it is the greatest innovation of mankind. Nowadays, people do not have to wait for days and weeks to receive messages from their loved ones, your smart phone simply has everything you will need to interact. It will send your emails, your text messages and your voice messages in a blink of an eye and you do not even have to go to the post office for this.

    Nowadays, people do not have to actually meet each other physically to keep contact; they can voice cell or even video call.

    Technology has affected many relationships, if you’re loved as is living aboard and you wish to give him/her a present, you can buy something online and get it delivered to him, it’s that easy.

    If a student is living abroad he can keep In touch with his family at all times. And now business meetings are also made very easy. You don’t actually have to meet your client, you can video call them. Most successful business are online business.

    Every aspect in life has a merit and demerit, and so does technology. I agree that technology has completely changed our lives and has brought a lot of case, but it has created a negative impact as well. Firstly it has facilitated in laziness as all the work is done by machines which is making us obese.

    On the other hand cyber crimes have also increased due to technology. My advice at the end is use it, but don’t over use it and make sure to take all precautions.

    Mustafa Farhan,
    DHA Phase 2 karachi.

  7. The influx of young students choosing to continue their education in development English speaking countries such as USA and UK has increased. Studying abroad in developed countries after many advantages however there are some problem students after face while studying there.

    To begin with students can get high quality education which is not available in developing countries advance countries have ungraded their education system over the years by introducing latest teaching practice in the class room. They can easily get access to the latest research done in their field of studies.

    Secondly once students have completed their studies they have many opportunities to grow their career for examples they can get job in these countries and they can return to their own countries and get better join these as well. Many countries want to retain the talent students who have studied there by offering immigration well to them.

    Lastly living in a foreign country can give chance to experience the culture first hand students can learn the language easily an there are plenty of opportunities to practice speaking and listening to native speakers. They can also make new friends, who can be very helped in their studies even after the studies for setting there.

    Student can face some personal as well on cultural problems while studying there. Firstly language barrier becomes serious problem for student with lower English language skill. Their educational performance as well as their chances to get any job would be very low if they could not improve their language abilities. Furthermore they face difficulty in coping up with different educational system where standard of education is higher than their own countries. They feel more pressure as they also have to manage everything from cooking to laundry themselves while keeping up their academic performance.

    To conclude studying in developed countries after many benefits over continuing studies in developing countries however students should also keep in their mind that they may face some personal and cultural problems as well during their studies

    Mustafa Ahmed,

  8. Newspaper and magazines you could easily call them as the most manipulative and the most ancient weapon if the mass media. It is being used for ages, basically for the interest of the media owners, else than the society.

    Firstly what you see in the newspapers and magazines is a complete media exaggeration. This is the strongest reason why I disagree with the media showing the personal lives of famous people because you simply do not know what to believe and what not to believe.

    To support my stand, I will give you few more reasons.
    The very basic reason of why it is inappropriate is that it is a very unethical practice as it conquers all the personal space of that individual. How would you feel if you are dinning out with your loved one and random people start clicking pictures of you and the next day it is all over the newspapers and magazines? We would all feel very insulted indeed.
    Today’s magazines and newspaper show things that would not only affect the victim but also the viewers for example a scandal of a famous celebrity. This would leave a very negative impact on people who follow them specially children as they always try to imitate what they see.

    In conclusion, I would say that these people have the same personal lives as we do. The printing press doesn’t have to be very microscopic about each and every detail. At times they should walk in their shoes and see how they feel as well and work on the basis of live and let live.

    Mustafa Farhan.

  9. Fatima says:

    Now a days, goods and service are getting expensive day by day. Both parents need to work together to easily fulfill the demands to their children. Some people agree that both parents require to work to get additional income. By this income they can give their children more than the necessary things for examples will be able to afford new toys. Latest version good gets and trip to abroad.

    On the other hand, the parents are not available at home by their office work; the children are neglected as alone. For instance my friend Javeria her both father and mother working overnight and is never there for her when she needs them so she is involved in bad activities look like drugs and underage drinking.

    If we talk about past era, only one member of family went for work and others relied on them. Just like only husband went outside to work and wife stayed at home to talk care of their children. Whilst there was a lot of burden of that individual but still he/she cannot fulfill the living cost of his/her life.

    In conclusion its necessary to work both parents’ to help up bringing their children in this competitive world. The working parents have enough money to spend on their children education and extra curriculum activity.


  10. Tahira says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your letter asking me about studying in Australia. I would like to share with you have I am spending my education life here and also my studies are doing very well.

    As Australia is a big continent in world and it is also called a land of opportunities. A part from that it also has a wide choice of universities from both locals and foreign students. The education is force for locals and in reasonable cost for international too. Scholarship facility is also available for over areas students. The techniques for study are far very interesting and unique. Teacher deliver good knowledge and education and also tutorial take part in both communicating and solving the problems. I am doing my bachelors programme in Aero nautical Engineering in Westland land college Victoria.

    In addition beside education I can do a part time job whenever I want to do in the similar campus. It seems that I have aliened the aim of my life and It will be the greater success of my life after completing my degree programme.

    I hope all are well there. I would like to suggest you that If you get any chance for your higher studies Australia will be the era of the best among all see you soon.
    Best Regards:


  11. The Chart illustrates the energy consumption in UK and USA in the year 2000 and 2006. Overall it can be seen that USA heavily depended on oil resources in both given years. While UK consumed mostly gas and cool.
    In the year 200 UK used almost 20% amount of oil and USA consumed highest compassion to UK which was round about 38% but in 2006 there was a slightly increase in oil consumption and reached at 30% and in USA the oil resource jumped to 40 % respectively both countries shows the sharp decline in the consumption of cool in the year 2006 as compare to 2000.

    In the year 2000 gas energy consumed about 19% in UK and 15% in USA but in 2006 these figure dramatically went up in these two countries and touched peak level of gas resource which was nearly 38 % and 25 % in UK and USA.

    Other renewable source remained almost similar in both years in UK and in USA at least 6% of other renewable source consumed in 2000 and then went down to below 5% in 2006.

    In 2006 UK and USA used approximately 9% nuclear power energy but in 2006 these amount fell down to around 8% and 6% in both countries.

    Muhammad Haris

  12. Over the last few decades, there has been considerable debate on the individual living way. In today’s world everyone wants independent and freedom in life and most of the people are decide to live with friends or alone as compare to their families. Some experts’ argue that this trend can have detrimental effects on our societies I agree with the above statement because of following reason.

    To this issue there are some obvious causes why this living standard effect our communities. First and foremost living as a single member or with some people rather than with family makes our relationship more weak with other person of family and it’s also impact on our day to day interaction so its develop lack of understanding and knowledge. Therefore we can say obeyed any doubt that this way of people thinking seriously damage our civilized societies.

    Additionally it is undeniable facts that survive away from families also de-motivates pavements. For instance parents grow up their children with some expectation that they will be always with them and support there parents financially and non-financially as well. More over parents wants to see their children a good member of society but these type of living option hurts parents a lot.

    A further reason which argue that this trend of living standard a negative development for the communication because its gives the wrong impaction on our children and they follow these elders life style and standard. As a result of this they would puffer to spent their life with friend or as an independent.

    In conclusion it is undoubtly true that living far away from families have numerous drawbacks outweighed the advantages for the advanced societies. Hence an individual should spent his entire life with family to keep away society from the damage.

    Muhammad Haris

  13. In 981, the school spend 40% of its income on teacher salaries, while 28% was expansion other worker salaries furthermore 15 % on each resource and equipment and furniture while the least was spend on insurance i.e: 2 %.

    Ten years later in 1991 the teacher salaries were 50 % of the total income 22% was spention other worker salaries. There was increase in the spending on resource from 15 %to 20 % and a declared in the spending of furniture and equipment from 15 % to 5 % while 3 % was spent on insurance.

    In 2001, the teacher salaries will took the highest proportion of the income 15 % was spend on other worker salaries and only 9 % was spent on resource such as books. There was substantial increase in the spending on furniture and equipment and insurance in year 2007, where 8% was spender insurance while 23 % on furniture and equipment.

    Anim Jasper John

  14. Now a day’s media is playing a vital role in coverage of latest news and also being used as a smart player in under to seek information into depth.

    Some people believe its role is important in everyday life. While other ague it a convicting element between social and personal life. Let us take a more detailed look about these arguments. First of all due to the advancement in technology media is becoming fast and rapid recourse of news ranging from current affairs to weather force. It is supposed to be best information tool as well as key to unlock the hidden facts. For instance, the money landing case on a celebrity named Eman Ali has come to know through the GEO news channel. It shown that media played its role and shamed the real face of this model.

    In addition from government to business who are the asserts of any country can be easily traced are the help of media. Improvement is economy which is the responsibility of Government and the matter of payment of tax on imports and expert’s even expenses of their hiring can be easily searched by the media help. For example. To case of Axact Company which was not paying its taxes from a very long time is in front now. The company CEO paid only yearly. After for fare cast of news Government took after against it and the company has been surrender. It’s the example of have bog name are making black money and also destroying the assists of nation by using them in a wrong way.

    Moreover media is also playing a supportive role in order to fulfill the demands of everyone through attraction advertisement also by information programmes. As beside are increasing day by day whether they are related to breath, education or social life about such problems and their solutions and awareness through different TV shows.

    After grapping a complete picture the benefits of media it is suggested that media should play a positive role toward every issue. Negative role should be minimize in order to safe the crises.

    Tahira Maqbool,

  15. Dear Sir,

    One of my close friend Siman and I had a dinner before two days is your hotel. I must complain about the bad service and food that you provided to us with a big amount of bill,

    When we ordered for the menu of dinner the staff service was unrealistic, they served us later and also the taste of the food was spicy and salty. The chicken of the broast was over cooked and it has changed its after eating its food we are suffering from stomach ache since lat days and take medicine till yet.

    As a customer, I would like to suggest you that you should focus on high quality meal, cooking methods, actual time of a particular food and its saving technique in order to safe health increase the number of distance you should also decrease the amount of local foods. Free meal vouchers should be an addition benefits.

    Please give the matter your immediate attention. I trust these suggestions have been useful to your in order to perform well.

    You’re Faithfully,
    Jame Katte.

  16. Income of entertainers especially those who have reached stardom is in million. Such huge earnings create many differences in the society and harm individual in the society as well.

    Firstly celebrities’ high earnings have negative effects on their followers most importance to those earning minimum wages. They feel depressed when very luxurious life style in shown to them many people start fantasizing about becoming famous one day instead of putting the hard work to build the careers. When fantancies are not fulfilled which is the case mostly supporters self esteem is shattered. Furthermore they have been many instances where people have used unlawful mean to win performance contracts. The lure of such high income and fame make people commit crimes which are extremely harmful for the society at large.

    Secondly entertainer exuberant income causes damage to the society. The class divides and gap between rich and poor in creating distress all around the world. The class division bring negative energy and people capacity to think positively decrease. In addition more and more individual want to pursue a career in entertainment industry reducing the values of other professions such as nurse teacher etc.

    The profession where life in at risk or value addition to society is high should be paid highly. Aid workers working in under developing countries or reporters worker sign war zones and fire fighters are few examples. Teacher, doctors and nurse are some of the professions which guatly add value to society.

    To conclude, I strongly agree that entertainers are paid too much money for their work remuneration should be based on factors such on danger to life and value addition to the society.

    Mushtaq Ahmed,

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