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8 october 2015 ielts exam questions

View and share questions for exam dated 8 October 2015



Many candidates are about to give exam in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Dubai, Australia, India etc. Please share your questions for speaking and writing whether it is General Training exam or Academic.


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  1. Aisha says:

    Research indicates that characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality development than any experiences we may have in our life.
    Which do you consider to be the major influence. Give reasons and include examples.

    According to recent research innate qualities have a bigger impact on a person than qualities learnt in our lifetime. It is agreed that lessons learnt from events that we come across in our lives have a greater role to play in our development as compared to the attributes we have since we were born.

    In today’s competitive era mankind is exposed to a new situation. The ability of human to deal with every situation and learn from all aspects of society is exceptional. Majority of us have undergone through good or bad situations in our social and professional lives. To learn from such varied encounters be it in the world-place or at the dining table can bring out the best qualities hidden deep within a person. This diversity enables human to learn about team work, leadership, social etiquette, cooperation and his field of interest. For example, famous scientist Isac Newton came to know about his brilliance in physics when the famous apple fell on him. It was this learned experience that made him propose his ideas, what the world today knows as newtons law of moton grounty.

    Furthermore, learning from by gones encourages human beings when man faces the same solution again he has the self confidence to answer it The idea that he overcame this particular problem, a lesson he learnt from experience this intimately enables him to the best possible solution to that particular problem. Thereby improving his quality of work of performance. For instance mobile giant manufactures Nokia when introduced the first model of their mobile found out that thier were problems with the voice quality of keypad of their product years later, they relaunched the model with better features to offer.

    To conclude attributes that are built in within use do not expose us to diverse circumstances. It can also be observed that they do not play a significant part in strengthening man’s self esteem. Therefore, with each passing day, at every difficult step, from people in different walks of life, the human mind should be open to learn.

  2. waqas says:

    Lots of newspaper and magazines portray stories about personal life of celebrity. I agree they should feature stories about famous because they are famous because of their stories which are featured on daily basis in newspaper and magazines, which recognize them and make them a celebrity otherwise they are not.
    If a person becomes famous or celebrity, now they become public property society have all rights to get information about them. Where they eat where they buy their clothes. Because of people have show interest about their personal life. If newspaper or magazine so now they will be recognize more in society.
    Other than that they will get benefit in term of monetary as well for example , if people are showing interest and want to wear that clothes which a particular celebrity is wearing so the brand of that cloth will pursue them and ask him/her to be a brand ambassador of that cloths. Which will charge huge fees for celebrity.
    In last I would conclude that the core purpose of celebrity is to become more and more famous so the objective can easily be achieved by featuring stories about personal life

  3. Naveed says:

    I appeared on 8th Oct, and got an email that result is delayed. Anyone else got the same email?

  4. Tab says:

    I need 8 each in all modules and this time I took ielts for the 3rd time, again receiving 7.5 in writing. My overall is 8.5 with L:8.5, R:9, S:8.5. I am quite disappointed because I did a good job with my writing (general training). Should I get my result rechecked? I don’t know what else to do to improve my writing because I didn’t make blunt Grammer mistakes, used above average vocabulary, appropriate content and everything. I might have used 1 or 2 examples, not too many. Could that be a reason for low band score? Please help me out.
    I’d be much obliged.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Khalid,

      Please check answer for your question in other post where you asked the same question.

      • Imran says:

        Dear Sir,

        I appeared in 8th Oct Exam and got L=6,R=5 W=5.5 S=6.I need 7 Each how can i get my desired Score please help me.

        • Alam Alam says:

          Dear Imran,

          You need somebody to help you work on your weak areas.As i can see, from your comments that you lack in all four areas. So do not give exam again as it would mean you want to test yourself. But this exam requires you to practice and improve your bandscore if you wish to get 7 bandscore in each.

          However, if you require my services, you can email me at alam@ielts-expert.pk and we can discuss over it or you can contact me on 03009298573.

  5. Imran A says:

    I appeared on 8th Oct, and got an email that result is delayed. Anyone else got the same email?

  6. Shehzad azeem says:

    Dear Sir ! Iam going to appear in exam on 5-12-2015 , i need some practice to be perfect and its on 10 days left , will you help me out ……..

  7. Sunny says:

    I got this topic in my GT IELTS exam held in Islamabad 8th Oct, 2015
    Any clue it’s an Argument or Discussion type essay?

    Many people think job interview is the best way to hire people in organizations.
    What are the other ways to hire people?
    What do you think is the best way to hire people?

  8. Alam Alam says:

    In some countries children are engaged in some paid work. Some people say that this is not correct. While other believe that experience and learning are important
    What is your opinion

    Nowadays, there is a rising trend of a youngsters indulging in some form of part time or a fulltime work. Some people are of the opinion that pursuing money at the young age distracts one from the education. While others believe that a practical knowledge and a sense of fulfilling duty makes individual proficient. I totally agree and believe that a adolescent should idealize career at young age. This essay will, firstly, discuss the role of children in this competitive world and secondly, the value of real life exposure, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

    To begin with, an education expense has become a significant hindrance in an individual career development. Today, In most part of european countries, young one works after school to pay for their tution fees. In this regard, a temporary or a permanent job has become a mandatory factor for every child. For example, In Australia, a most teenagers works at restaurant, mechanic shops and postal delivery offices to earn for their living and education. Moreover, this helps a young people to gain practical benefical for setting career.

    Furthermore, an education coupled with experience gives competitive advantage. For instance, In my country, many school goings are involved in internships, this not only provide on the job training, but also provides financial support through stipend. In addition, the sense of understanding of responsibility comes from managing oneself. Those who accept the factor of fulfilling duties at early stage of their career becomes successful professionals towards the end. Therefore, it is apparent that education and experience are hand in glove.

    In conclusion, the changed role of teenagers today, such as working during early years of life is due to the high cost of education. However, those who extentuate this burden and learn from practical experience elicit great achievements.

    Hamida Khawaja

  9. S M Zohair Abbas says:

    candidate no #00266
    I have taken my Ielts examination on 08/10/2015, since than i knocked on different door but I didn’t get any proper response. Can some one tell me, how long it gonna be more to get my result ?
    Normally, it’s take about two weeks. Why it took too long this time ?
    Can some one help me,to get my result soon , please ?
    zohair Abbas

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