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8 band success by Sir Alam in Karachi

Two students got 8 band overall in Karachi from Sir ALam’s classes

Sir Alam’s two students got overall 8 band in 18 October 2014 exam recently in Karachi. One got 9 in listening, 8.5 in reading , 7 in writing and 7 in speaking so that as overall is 8.0 band. Other candidate also got 8.0 band overall listening 8.5, reading 8.5, writing 7 and speaking 8.0 band.

One candidate appeared first time and got such band while other after third successful attempt with sit Alam got such bandscore.

There is another student named Naresh who is so glad to get 7 in writing when he prepared himself with Sir Alam in Karachi. Last time he gave IELTS he got 5.5 which improved dramatically to 7 band.

To check sample essays from Naresh or Asif just go to recent exam questions and there you will be able to find all of them that they wrote and comments from Sir Alam below them.


If you have appeared several times in Karachi or any part of the word, just contact Sir Alam and discuss your case on 003009298573.
















































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