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8 band sample essay

Find a sample essay below which responds to the question well with good introduction, body and conclusion. You should attempt answering any essay naturally by generating good content.

Many students follow the trend of just attempting again and again to good good bandscore which they never get. Why do you think it is so? Because they don’t bring improvement. They do not wish to work out what their weak areas are.

So what i would suggest is have a look at the essay below and follow this style by discussing it well naturally. As that is more important than focusing on wide range of grammar and better choice of words. Well you can work on “GRA” and “LR” later on but once you finish up with good ideas and giving good order to them , as you get 50 percent marks for it.

one more effective tip is each time you produce essay , do go though sample essays of 8 or 9 band. It will help you pick up and bring improve in healthy bandscore…


8 band sample essay

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  1. Alam Alam says:

    Some believe that students should be given homework while others disagree to it. Give reasons for both and your opinion on it.

    I wrote something like below:

    Some people believe that students should be given homework while others disagree to it. Both groups have their reasons of believing the importance of giving homework and otherwise.

    One of the main reason that certain people support homework is that it helps students to thoroughly check what has been taught at school. During their own free time, a child can assess the understanding level and go back to discuss in detail the next day, if something is not clear. It also helps students to work together bringing in the spirit of helping each other and learning to coordinate among themselves. Another reason is that it helps the parents to check what is being taught and whether they are satisfied with the performance of their child

    Of those who disagree on giving homework, the most common argument is that a child should get free time in the evening to do what they like, rather than being burdened by work which they have already studied at school. Each child has some unique ability and its important that each child be given the chance to focus on it. Another major reason is that many parents are not educated enough or don’t have the financial means to send their child for tuition. This discriminates the upbringing of such a child from the one who can afford extra cost of evening classes.

    I believe that giving home work should be avoided as much as possible. Ensuring a child’s learning is the responsibility of the educational institute. Extra time should be used by parents to focus on physical activities like sports and other hobbies of their child. Also social responsibilities and positive contribution towards the society be included in the learning of a child, since they are our future.

    In the end, I would like to conclude that proper upbringing of any child is important in any society which is the joint responsibility of the schools as well as parents. Every school should provide the best education. The time a student gets off from work be utilized in extracurricular activities with focus on making them good individuals.

    IELTS candidate

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