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8 band result in karachi

8 band result in karachi

Do you think or find IELTS exam difficult or challenging? It is what you think after practice or giving exam? Is it because of not having expert guideline or not understanding marking scheme or strategies for all modules? To answer all these questions.5 there is only one straight proof of my student who got 8 bandscore for the first time.

For he whether it is AEO or British council she believes in skills that she developed by our expertise and she finally got overall 8 bandscore. In listening 8.5 , reading 8.5 , writing 7 and speaking 7.5 which makes it 8 bandscore overall.

If she had taken classes elsewhere , she would have ended up with 6 or 6.5.

Have a look at her result below.

best ietls result karachi

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