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8 band ielts results may 2017


Sir Alam’s students results may 2017


let me share results of sir Alam’s students who got overall 8 bandscore. These students attended Sir Alam’s classes regularly and wherever they missed the class, later on got lesson and practiced it well.


It was challenging for them to get 7 in each module , Sir Alam gave them target of 9 in each and made them practice well . they got 8 and speaking, reading 8.0/8.5 and writing 7.5 and listening 7 something respectively.

Many students get disappointed after being working hard when they see their results with lowest bandscore but they shouldn’t thats what sir Alam says. They should work on adopting right pattern of practice and exam test patter. This in turn helps them get as high as 9 band.

The main reason candidates get low bandscore is that they miss somewhere marking criteria that they don’t understand. But because of vast experience and handling no of students we get experience of how to help candidates get as maximum as possible.

so be the next one and visit Sir Alam for the highest bandscore.


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  1. Palwasha says:

    I really had a very wonderful experience at IELTS Experts. Specially all Teachers are so cooperative and active specially Sir Alam is very helpful, The environment at ielts experts was very good, I learnt many new things from there. Staff there was very friendly, They also give me some extra time so that i could overcome some of my weaknesses. I would highly recommend for IELTS preparation

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