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8 band essay by Nouman UAE

8 band essay by Nouman UAE

i am going to share 8 band essay that is from my student based in UAE. The reason i am sharing it is to show you the real picture of 8 band score. Though it looks simple but it has better weight-age than very formal essay.  candidates who attempt to give formal essay like making most summized and complex sentences with advanced vocabulary forget the need to convey message. So what happens is sentences seem more formal but message is not clear or sometimes the message is clear but grammatical structures and advanced word choice that they make is not appropriate. This is the main reason for getting less bandscore.  you can see his writing result in my website in “students result section”


Have a look at the essay below and see how natural this essay is.


8 band essay part 1


8 band essay part 2


8 band essay part 3


8 band essay part 4


8 band essay part 5

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