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7 November 15 IELTS guess paper

Guess paper for 7 November 2015 IELTS exam


guess7novLet’s work on 7th November IELTS exam paper for General Training and Academic. It may seem difficult for us but not impossible to get some questions which are like to be in this exam. Obviously , Reading and listening can not be predicted but speaking and writing there is possibility.

For the reading, just work on skimming and scanning. You can do it by looking for questions’ answers in the most paragraphs. If you have difficulty , use keyword approach to help you locate the area where answers are. Still if it doesn’t work , find an experienced teacher to make you do plenty reading comprehensions. This will for sure bring massive changes.

Then comes the listening module. Just follow all sections’ recording well. This can be done by making more interaction. Focus on each set of questions for which recording is played, meanwhile ask yourself questions “what is the topic about?”, “who are the speakers?”, “what kind of questions are there?”  and predict answers this will also help you get closed to the questions. Simply, think about answer that fits as an answer. Not necessarily predicted answers should be correct, they are simply to remember them. Then last tip is to look for synonyms of the questions keywords. Because in recording exactly some words hardly come and you would need to be good in rephrasing knowledge.

For the speaking Questions somehow find out previous 3 exams questions. Simply search in google and you will find. Get used to such questions by answering them and adding quality words and grammar to make your speaking more attractive for the examiner.

For the writing practice on topics like crime, technology, education, sports, environment etc. as these are the general topics from which questions come. But make sure not to go in wrong direction. What you can do is simply look into Cambridge books , categorize topics, i means essays and then find sample essays for it which are band 9 and then try attempting them with your ideas.

I hope this post helps you get maximum for 7 November exam.

Please share questions , tips or ideas that you think will help other candidates.


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