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7 Nov IELTS fake paper tragedy

7 Nov IELTS fake paper tragedy


fake ielts paperIt is a very interesting story about rumor of IELTS paper for GT and Academic dated 7 November 2015.  The paper was announced by some agents who claimed that same paper will come on 7 November which never came.

I am not sure but i think that guys were either from Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi who played a big game with candidates emotions. Simply making a similar exam patter writing paper for task one and task two and then giving them answer sheet for reading and listening. However , for speaking there wasn’t any source, as he told individuals that examiner changes speaking papers frequently from candidate to candidate which is true.  So what happened most of candidates believed and followed such agents.

Fortunately, i was in a meeting with British Council , Karachi on same day from morning to evening. It was about IELTS teachers meeting and reading skills workshop by one of British council trainer. As there was introduction and some wrong concepts that people have about AEO and British council, they are being cleared, i also asked the same question.  Further i asked the possibility of hacking or making paper out.

Thanks to Mr. Tauseef who guided me well, and assured me that there isn’t such think which can take place. Like paper may go out during exam or somebody make take it to market and give it to candidates before few days. The procedures he explained was that paper basically come in a very safe hand by senior management which is then placed in a safe locker by two people , one senior and one normal employee. The papers are basically sealed and only opened in exam rooms. So the delivery of papers and distribution is so well security wise that there wasn’t a single time , it has been insecure ever. The used paper in exams are even put in machines to cut them in pieces so nobody can even publish or misuse them.

Anyways, coming back to these agents who charged how many people and what amount? Will that amount be refundable as per their agreement ? or will such candidates follow same agents again? I don’t have answer for such questions.

All i would recommend for candidates is to go for real examinations and preparation than just wasting your valuable time and money. Any type of target can be achievable whether that is 7 in each 8 band in each or 9 in any individual or overall , provided, one plans and follows necessary strategies for it.

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