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7 band sample essays

IELTSExpert students who got 7 band in actual exam


7 band ielts essaysFind essays below of IELTS candidates who studied from our institute. As we keep students records in which we keep their reading , writing, listening and speaking. Once they give exam we compare results with our records. It also can help you in boosting your band score in writing.




Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Happiness is just a feeling or your state of mind. It is not an action that could be simply defined in words. It is the inner feeling of your heart or peace of mind.

Happiness can be achieved by thinking positive. A person should always be cool and calm to try to make others happy. Maintaining a friendly environment would help to get a peace of mind. For example, if only problem arises, do not get tensed, not to get angry with others, but try to remain cool minded, call a meeting of experts and discuss the issue in detail. Take views of all attendants and finally get a solution. This would definitely lead to a happy environment.

Remaining healthy is another important key factor to get happiness. If a person is not healthy, he might not be able to focus on his work. Instead, he would be worried regarding his health. For instance, we take example of minor headache; a person is unable to do any work. So taking few pauses while work or changing your position and gestures from time to time helps you focus on work and if your work goes smooth, this will definitely make you happy and fulfill life.

Happiness is definitely very important in life – positive thoughts and simple life truly leads a person a healthy, wealthy and fulfill life. So be happy and always try to make others happy.

Scored 7 Band in exam,

Adamjee Ashraf,



The position of women in society has changed markedly in the last twenty years. Many of the problems young people now experience, such as juvenile delinquency, arise from the fact that many married women now work and not at home to care for their children.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with his opinion?

The personality of man is incomplete without or women-since women plays a unique role in society as she is responsible for managing at home as well as perform certain outdoor work or jobs as well.

A common problem experienced by many married couple is that women do some job and are not able to remain at home to care for their children. This is also known as juvenile delinquency.

This problem often arise when there is no joint family system and the wife is alone at home throughout the day while husband is at work, so it is a very hectic task-women gets permission to do some job so that their time easily pass but when they got kids, due to the set routine women suffer a lot to remain to home.

This serious issue should be handled very carefully otherwise these end up with separation or even divorce and it ruins the life of the children.

To overcome this problem, man has to manage both work as well as home smartly, try to make wife happy and should spend the whole weekend with her so that when she gets attentions, she will love and obey him.

It is very important to take care of children both for husband and wife but the greater responsibility is for women because she spends more time with the children. If she is wasle to give them time due to job, then children do not get proper way of living that runs them character. Juvenile delinquency is a very serious problem, so often having kids women should try to give them time for the solve of their children.

Scored 7 Band in exam,

Adamjee Ashraf,


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