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5 Quick tips for IELTS Reading exam

Today i am going to teach you 5 reading tips to help you do well in your IELTS reading exam.

1. Write your answers on the answer sheet

Write your answers on the Answer Sheet provided as you do the Reading Test. As you do not have extra 10 minutes to transfer your answer to the answer sheet like you have in the listening test. So Keep transferring answers in the mean time.

2. True/False/Not Given

If you don’t have time  at all and you have to answer True/False/Not Given questions or you are not good at these questions or you think you going to complete this set of question by guessing. Then this tip can help you..

All you have to do is put “TRUE” for all questions, normally they are 6 questions in which 3 out of 6 are going to be correct. Means 50% is going to be right.

3. Don’t leave your answer sheet blank

Never leave any question unanswered. You should guess or somehow complete your answers by guessing at least. If answers are correct , it will be good but if not , there is no negative marking.

4. Find question key words in the passage

In IELTS reading passages, it is difficult to find answers if you do not have ability to recognize  keywords of the question in the reading passage. As a result  students fail to answer questions as they can not locate where exactly the  information is.

You should develop your skills to locate key words in the passage which are not easy and need a lot of practice.

Try to find key words in the passage , normally they are not the same words as in the question. They are similar words sometimes completely different words but meaning are nearly same.

For example, question has a word like advantages and the passage has benefits so “benefit” is similar pattern But if the word or phrase is “it is not that bad”. This word is somehow not matching but it would contain answer.

Learn to find answers with the help of key words by matching them in the passages.Once you locate similar or unrecognizable key words in the passages, check the information before and after it.

5. Solve  Gap fill summary or matching headings task first

If reading test has question like Gap fill summary or matching headings, Do them first because if you match headings with the paragraphs, you will know exactly what each paragraph is about or if you do the Gap fill summary, you will know what is the whole passage about paragraph wise.

It will be easy for you to answer other question like multiple choice, true / false or short answer etc. When you read any question , you will jump to the paragraph exactly which is mostly like to have answer , so you won’t be wasting time.

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  1. Saira says:

    helpful tips….

  2. rock says:

    plz let me know the ways to find the keywords from the passage. I am very much confused. help me plz

  3. These tips are very helpful for me thank you sir Alam
    and if u can provide us more tips so plz it would be better for me and rest of the students of IELTS
    regard ur student : Khurram Hyder

  4. Malik Wajid says:

    If U continue these tips, I hope will get very handsome band.

    A bundle of thanks for helping such has people like me

    Once Again Thanks

    Best Regard
    Malik Wajid Rasheed

  5. ramya says:

    Any tips on how to match the list of headings quickly and accurately?

    • Raja says:

      yes you can do it easily and quickly ..you have to do just read the first and last sentence of each paragraph …..then you can get some idea of each paragraph …then go back to the list of heading and match with paragraph ….. if anyone is suitable just mark it and ignore others …. thanks hope this will help you

  6. Kumail says:

    I am literally confuse about Reading Passage. But I am endeavouring daily. I am not expert but I have confidence. This sort of tips could be helpful.

    Kumail Abbas Khwaja.

  7. zainab says:

    its so difficult to read all passages at same time with abundance of information. luckily wd dez tips i can do better in reading task..
    thnks a lot

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