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5 good reasons to choose IELTS preparation with Sir Alam


5 good reasons to choose IELTS preparation with Sir Alam


5 reasons to choose sir AlamThere are many instiutes and centers but still people tend to choose Sir Alam’s classes because of 5 good reasons. Most of individuals who plan to prepare for IELTS do not want to waste their time or go for unexperienced teachers. Some times when they find experienced teacher but do not find good environment at some institutes that includes professional students who they can also learn from. Obvoisly having own concepts in notes shapes or in CD gives students extra milage to succeed in getting good band. Exam pattern mock tests make students aware and get used to. Flexible timings of Sir Alam enocurage students when they miss classes.


 (1) Experienced teacher

Sir Alam has 13 years experienced which can help you in getting your targeted band. It is a key to success if you get experienced teacher who can benefit you in many ways. What you can learn in 10 day, he can teach you in a day which means your time is not wasted. There are many similar benefits which you can avail from his experience.

(2) Professional students

He has mature, educated and professional students who work in offices on Shahrah-e-faisal, II Chundigar Road or nearby offices. Being with such students you learn as well from their experiences, as you can notice them and see who they approach all test and they may have appeared and asking them whatever questions you have can clear your concepts. So let’s say not only teachers can help you but also students who study there, especially who have good concepts in modules you get stuck in.

(3) Personal notes and CD

Sir Alam personal publish CD and his unique notes which he generated based on what students problems are and how they should be solved can clear students’ concepts. His personal knots which he wrote from successful students experiences are worth going for. As you see there are many books in the market but they do not teach students what their weaknesses are. As books are not designed for Pakistani students or their mental level. They have common approaches which are for people in developed countries. But Sir Alam’s notes focus on students who live in Pakistan and according to their mental level, these notes contain ideology which can clear their concepts. So far hundreds of students have appeared in exam and successfully got their desired band sometimes more than their expectations.

(4) Exam pattern mock tests

Not many institutes or teachers know what exam pattern questions are or tests are that they can conduct. Sir Alam introduces mock u test on daily basis for candidates whose exam dates are near and on weekly basis for students who tend to bring progress on weekly basis. These mock tests have improved students band and help them build their stemma; as a result, when they appear in exam they don’t get tired and complete all modules with complete attention.

(5) Flexible timings

You don’t find professional institutes or teachers who can spare extra time and teach you what you missed or give you extra days what you need but Sir Alam realizes that because burden at work candidates may miss some classes so they should be given chance to avail extra classes whether they are on individual basis or cover by classes with other batches. Students feel relaxed when they miss classes and appreciate sir Alam for his sincerity.




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