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5 common questions about IELTS exam

5 common questions about IELTS exam


5 common questions about ielts exam

I am going to share most common questions that my fans and students ask on regular basis.







Question 1:  If two candidates having same skills get .5 difference in speaking module, will it be examiners wrong judgement?

Answer:  There are two possibilities.

One is your band score rounding down. For example , if you get 7 in three criteria and in one you get 6.5 you overall band is rounded to 6.5. Another example is if you get 9,9,9,8.5 your overall will be 8.5 not 9. But when working on listening , reading , writing and speaking modules , overall band is given.

other is two different examiners would grade differently with a slight increase or decrease in it. As per level of subjectivity they give you score in a different way. So you can be lucky to be assessed with examiner who would give you slightly more band score.


Question 2:  Do private talks with examiners after speaking test affect our speaking interview?

Answer : Sometimes my students share and ask whether one speaking interview finishes examiner talk to them privately for a while will affect their band score.

Examiners are not allowed to do so but as they are human being they ask you some questions that come in their mind. But do not worry it does not affect on your speaking interview. Neither it can increase your band score nor decrease.


Question 3: Why do examiners give less band in writing module always?

Answer :  Again that is because of rounding down sometimes. For example if you get 7.5,7.5,7.5,7 score, it will be 7 band overall.


Question 4 : how to improve in IELTS reading module?

Answer: Practice and improve “skimming and scanning”.

That is finding information for the questions, be expert in locating it as quickly as possible. Sometimes information is in three locations as candidates find it in first location , they take decision and give answer. This is wrong, do not give up, keep scanning till you locate the area for the right answer.

Same goes for main ideas of paragraphs , candidates read the paragraphs but can not figure out what heading to give them. That is simple , just get the central idea by reading a sentence which carries may idea. It is known as topic sentence. Once you find it match it with the headings listed and that’s it.


Question 5 :How to improve writing up to 9 band?

Answer : Go through higher band sample essays or normal academic IELTS reading passages used for practice. Such passages have been written by expert writers with good command over writing. Read their paragraphs and see how arguments have been developed and explained , how logically sentence have been organized. Also see usage of words and grammar.

I hope this will help you..








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