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5 common mistakes in IETLS task 2 (essay)


5 common mistakes



As everything needs finalized look before it is forwarded, same is in writing where you must do proof reading.

Proofreading in IELTS writing module saves  between 1 – 1.5 score band. As you finish with writing, it is the last chance you can identify mistakes, make corrections and bring improvement in order to secure a good band.

1. Make  right use of articles and pronouns

Proper usage of articles and pronouns should be checked.  Not using them such as “a, an, the, its, their etc”  can decrease your writing Band. Such words make your writing  smooth to read, and grammatically strong. So make sure you know how to use them in your essay.

2. Check if words are not miss spelled and punctuated correctly

Spelling mostly  becomes major issue for those who do not have writing habits. You should identify where and what your spelling mistakes are, and practice improving them by noting  and reviewing. As per my experience of checking students essay, the most frequent three mistakes are the following:

Wrong                                  Right

Sometime                           sometimes (adverb of frequency)

their(possessive)             there (adverb of place)

it’s(it is)                                its (possession)

3. Referencing in writing

Referencing in writing means referring to words by using  “it and they etc”.  Instead of repeating words like a country, government or country, “it” should be used. So in essay, there is no need to repeat main words , they should be replaced by pronouns described above. Similarly, if you are discussing something plural, it is better to use “they” for the later part  than repeating actual word and for singular “it” can be used.

Referencing can play vital role in increasing your writing band because it gives examiner good impression.

Some candidates make excessive use of pronouns like “he, she, i, we” which makes their essay informal.

For example:

As for as my experienced is concerned.  I personally believe they should do something.

Such repetition makes your essay poor rating.

4.Do not repeat same words

There should not be any repetition of same words. If you find any words, replace them with similar words. For example, if the word “create” is used four times, you could change the second word with “develop”, third word with “produce”, fourth word with “build up”. Such skills can show examiner that you have good command over lexical resource.

5. Paragraph should have general idea with supporting details 

Check if each paragraph states one general idea with relevant supporting details. Sentences giving supporting details should elaborate by giving examples, explanation, details, evidence or references. Avoid too many general statements without supporting details, which can not convince examiner. As a result,  rating would be poor.


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