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25 october 2014 ielts exam questions

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25 oct 2014I hope the upcoming exam for 25 October 2014 in Pakistan, India, Iran, Australia, UK, Canada and for the rest of countries goes well. Many individuals find it difficult or are worried about it. All you need to do is give it natural try by focusing all areas in writing specially Task response and organizing paragraphs.

For the speaking speak without breaks , do not repeat questions words and fill gaps with expressions to increase band score.

For writing , i welcome everybody to write your response and past it here. You can either write on questions from recent exam or take them from Cambridge books.  i will give comments.

please find questions from speaking and writing below that candidates sent me.


ask 2 – Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security while Some people think that they can not always expect job satisfaction, a permanent job is more important Discuss both views and give your opinion

 Writing questions

25 October 2014 ielts exam writing questions no 1

Country : Malaysia  Type : Academic  Dated: 25 October 2014

Graph: There were two maps of community service.

Essay : Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security while Some people believe one can not always expect job satisfaction, a permanent job is more important.

Discuss both views and give your opinion

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  1. Alam Alam says:


    In recent times people like to live by themselves.
    What are the causes?
    Does it have positive or negative effect on society?


    In present era people love to live life without independent any interference.

    There are two main reasons that follow this trend to live the life of the own. Firstly, westernization is major cause that influences the people to live a life of freedom where no one can pinpoint their activity. They have no responsibility of elder with no parameters and boundaries. That is why people is under-developing countries fascinated by this trend and adopt it in their life style. Secondly, change in mind set of people force them to live a separate life. Where they are more focus to achieve the goals of their life because they know that it is period of cut throat competitions rather than family bonding.

    By following this trend , the society has both positive and negative impact but negatively effect are far more than positivity. Although people get the status of independence. They can live the life of desire where they can do anything without any restriction but ultimately society suffer heavily on account of this. This trend will instigate the youngsters in society and they will live the life. Without elders thus family bonding and affection are deprived from society. This may of living will increase the cost of family because each family member live in separate house as a result, their utility bills and cost of expenditure is increased. It may increase crime and stimulate wrong habit among people because if there is no one from guidance then people might involve in wrong acts. This is especially a major concern in western countries.

    In conclusion, live a life of own is demand of globalization era but eliminate the family guidance may impact the individual and society adversely.

    Saleem Sabzali,
    Garden, Karachi

  2. Alam Alam says:

    Question :

    Some people believe that life of female is better than male.
    What is your opinion?

    Answer :

    In present globalization world of the male and females hold an equalization position in society. There are certain people who believe that females enjoy the perk of life. While other people believe that man holds significant power in society. However, i feel that male and females occupy the significant position.

    There are certain reasons that highlight my views about balance status of male and females in society. The status of male dominated society is reduced to great extent. Now in every field of work both genders are working together without any superiority complex. In fact, females run multinational organizations and render services in profession like pilot and drivers which was inevitable to imagine in post era. Men are not far behind. They are working as well as assisting in house hold activities.

    In present society discord the myth to differentiation between man and woman because their contribution are valuable for society. Where as they women who run the house and hold an office work is in credible. As same time man who work and contribute in home affair is respectable in every manner.’

    I believe that globalization has significant impact on the status of man and women. In past people made comparisons but now each segment of society has its own value. In fact in my house there is no superiority complex between family members.

    In conclusion, both man and woman can make society better place for living but without discrimination and devaluing their status.

    Saleem Sabzali,
    Garden, Karachi

  3. Alam Patel says:

    The media world today has bought about various celebrates, such as famous movie stars and sports personalities. These celebrates not only bring about benefits to our society but also create problems. As per my opinion they have always contributed much towards the society.

    One of the major benefits of involving a superstars in a particular advertisement is to boost up sales of that product. Example take Q mobile, it was not a famous brand of mobile in Pakistan, but since when the company has made Kareena Kapoor as its brand ambassador, the Q mobile has become the most popular mobile as Kareena has lots of fans.
    Now secondly let’s take an example of Gujrat Tourism in India. Once upon a time Gujrat was never being attracted by tourist, the government of Gujrat appointed involved the famous star. Amitabh Bachan to promote Gujrat tourism, since them the tourism has boosted.

    On the other hand these celebrate also create a lot of problems. They are just a bright profile people and they carry security with them. In this manner the government gives them protection, due to which they block roads and diversions are made which create a problem for people.

    Lastly the celebrities contribute a lot not only towards and marketing but they play a great role in upbringing of a society as a whole. They are the superstars of the country and they improve our economy.

    Mehrezban Patel,
    DHA Phase 5

  4. Alam Patel says:

    A healthy person is often described as someone who has a good diet, gets lots of exercise, and avoids stress.
    What do people do to stay healthy in your country?

    A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. A healthy person is that person who takes proper nourishment, does lots of exercise and tries to avoid stress in this modern world.

    I believe it to be completely correct, because ‘’ health is wealth”
    One has to follow three main points in order to remain healthy i.e. eat proper diet. The person should take proper meals and avoid skipping meals. The most important mean which is offer skipped is breakfast. The breakfast should be such that it should have a complete diet. It should contain proteins, carbohydrates etc. Doctors always emphasize people to take a condylar breakfast as you are empty stomach before you take breakfast in the morning. During the day before you other meals. One should have fruit in order to avoid empty stomach. It will keep you very healthy. Fruits should not be eaten just often the meals as it will charm you digestion. Your lunch and dinner should be of a quality and not quality. It should while gives you complete enemy. Avoid eating junk food and oily substance.

    In addition to yours good diet a person should get proper exercise. Doctors prescribe that an adult person should walks daily for half an hour, should climb stains and avoid lifts, should regularly perform yoga. Order to keep fat youngsters should go out for sports activities i.e outdoor sports etc. football, hockey, tennis, cricket so that they get exercise, one should go out for weight training in order to fit look young.

    Further therefore a locally person will always try to avoid stress, doctors suggestion that stress can easily be reduced by yoga, aerobics and walk. All these can be done very easily. It adds a feature to your cap. Yoga keeps your mind healthy, put you far away from stress and depression.

    In our country especially the new generation is very health conscious. They specially go to nutrition’s who guide them to take proper diets. Most of the people of our country regularly do this exercise by going to the gym and they love to walk and play cricket which helps them to keep them fit. Nowadays most of the adult ladies and gents in order to avoid stress go for this yoga classes to avoid stress.

    Mehrezban Patel,
    DHA Phase 5

  5. Alam Abdul Haleem says:

    When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out. It is pointless to try and keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree to this opinion.

    Technology, by no means, has brought us many facilities and comforts. Long ago when humans used to live in jungles and had no idea to facilitate their lives. They started learning how to take advantages of things that used to be considered useless. I disagree that technology could be harmful for the traditional skills. There are many ways that traditional skills could be modernized by using modern technology.
    In old ages when there was no concept of technology, human beings were living in caves and were deprived of the very basic facilities of life.

    Gradually mankind discovered how to preserve the fire and soon after that they invented wheel. The age of technology began and the human beings have been facilitated with basic necessities of life Luxurious equipment’s have been introduced to the common men and they started living more comfortably.

    Today we have almost all facilities of life that the mankinds were struggling for, and this credit undoubtedly, goes to the modern technology which is growing day by day. Now we have no wonder listing about strange things invented by new technology every week. Although there are some destructive weapons invented by the help of this modern technology, but they could easily be ignored seeing the huge beneficial things invented by technology

    Modern Technology has made great achievement by inventing machinery and medication to cure the severe illness, and made it possible for the people who had no to cure for their serious illness but now are fully confident they have cure for their sever diseases. Modern machinery have been invented to examine the sickness and help them to provide proper medication.

    I strongly disagree with the statement that technology destroys our free time and seriously affect our traditional skills. It is not worth to say that traditional skills are dying out by the new technology. There are many sources to modernize your traditional skills by using the new technology. Traditional skilled people can save more and more time and facilitate their lives by utilizing new technology.

    In conclusion, I recommend that new technology should be used positively, and by doing so, we can make our societies the happiest and comfortable.

    Abdul Haleem,

  6. Alam Abdul Haleem says:

    Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tension and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way.

    Sporting events like football world cup comes with great zeal. These kinds of events are very much important for the countries to alleviate their disquiet, it is also considered a good way to maintain peace and build trust among countries.

    Recently a very big sporting event was held and many teams of the world participated in it. It was really a great moment for the spectators to show their support to their favourite team. The way the players showed their performance did express that this kind of event should be held, if possible, every year to bring the players and nations of the world closer.
    In such an important event players try to score as many as they can to make their country popular in the world, and on the other hand, the spectators enjoy the colossal performance of their team.

    Patriotic emotion in a safe way could build confidence and help a lot to bring the countries nearer and could provide chance to make their relations stronger. The best rules of the game and the best performance of the players create positivity and it also makes spectators and players optimistic and they always agree to accept the result accordingly.
    Spectators very emotionally enjoy the match and at the same time they try so much to support their team by holding play cards and banners. The ways the crowds behave do show their patriotism and in this way, they slacken their apprehensions of daily life.

    I very much agree that international events such as football, hockey etc., should be held, if possible, every year. I think this will be the finest way to uphold the tranquility in the world and simultaneously create a healthy society.

    Abdul Haleem,

  7. Alam Abdul Haleem says:

    In many countries children are engaged in some kinds of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it as valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibility.
    What are your opinions on this?

    People who are in favour of child labour might think about the economical situation of their country in general and social situation in particular. I strongly oppose the child labour and I will start it by pointing out that not only we are destroying the future of the child but may also harm the society.

    When the child starts going for the fulltime paid work, there is no time left for him to give it his study or any curricular activities, and this way his performance is affected badly and in some serious cases he leaves study and the management dissatisfied with his performance and in some cases the child decides to leave school.

    After deciding to leave school permanently, the child decides to earn double as much as he was earning before, and starts giving more and more time to workplace than to other curricular activities and this could affect his health and make him away or the society.

    Child increases his time in workplace because he wants to earn more and this greediness of earning more could snatch his play time and that might affect his performance at workplace as well. The immaturity of the child sometimes involves him in illegal activities.

    In conclusion, I strongly recommend that child labour should be strictly prohibited in the world. I am also of the opinion that if it is necessary for the parents to send their children to work then I would recommend that they should be sent for a light part time job so that they could continue their study and participate in extracurricular activities as well.

    Abdul Haleem,

  8. sneha says:

    dear sir,
    please check my essay and suggest necessary corrections. what band score can I expect for this.

    Q: some sports are dangerous and few people think that these sports should be banned. do u agree or disagree.

    Sports or games are considerably vital in today’s modern fast pace life , when people are loosing their health and life ,in the run of this competitive world. Sports are meant to provide healthy body ultimately, although other facets are linked as well, to sports like, its a mode of employment for many and entertainment source. But, through some of the dangerous sports like boxing, wrestling etc., the true concept of sports are lost to some extent. Hence, I totally agree with some people who think that these sports should be banned, with few of my viewponts.

    In the context of my assertion, firtly, I would say that health should be the soul of all the sports, which is mostly compromised by these types of sports. Especially, sportsman’s life is always at risk. For an instance, in boxing, the players are awarded more points according to the number of hits they make to the opponents, thus they are forced to injure each other more aggressively in order to win,

    Secondly, the bad message of violence, aggressiveness and non co-operation, just for winning, is conveyed by these sorts of sports which are highly unethical or against the sports value. However, it tend to make the audience, specially children more virulent and agressive.

    Lastly, these sports confront the players to serious health issues, loosing the essence and purpose of sports i.e ‘health’.

    On the contrary, some unscrupulous people especially the sponsors, argue that these sports are a kind of sports itself, and although these are dangerous, but it entertains audience, and its an earning of not only the players but also others associated with these sports. Although, theses are absolutely true, but i think, they are enjoying the dangers and playing with human life, just for the sake of money making and entertainment, So, looking to the drawbacks of these dangerous sports, its high time for them to modulate their perceptions.

    In conclusion, athorities ought to come with necessary actions to ban the dangerous sports to bring and encourage concept of health through sports.


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Sneha,

      The question says to discuss one side only. But you have discussed two sides in the body. Also you should follow your thesis statement which you wrote in introduction. According to it you should only be sticking to one side.

  9. Ali Irfan says:

    Q.As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work,job satisfaction is an important element of individual well being.What factors contribute to job satisfaction?How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?
    It is an obvious thing that people nowadays are more concerned with job satisfaction that the previous time.There are some weak links behind the fact that people seems so much concerned nowadays about their jobs or positions they hold.One of the major factor are mentioned which contribute to job satisfaction.
    The most common fact behind this thought is that the world has became competitive through out the time.Weather it is the competition in the income of an individual or the position he holds in the society due to the advancement of facilities and technologies through out the world,people want to acquire all those facilities which others have.For that they required to have huge amount of lump sum and for that they must stand on a position which can fulfill all of their desires.Because of these desires people seems so much concern with their jobs and their standards.
    If we speak about how realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers,there are some people who does’t show much importance towards high grades.They are happy with what they have and who they are.These people doesn’t demand highly furnished houses or luxury cars.However,the rate of these kind of people are lesser than the people mentioned above.
    If you ask my opinion on that,i think a person should not be satisfied with the rank and position he/she holds in society or the jobs they are currently doing.The reason behind that is when a person gets satisfied with his position that he holds he stops his passion for that particular thing which bring him down to the position where he started.

  10. Alam Alam says:

    Every year several languages die out .some people think that it is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world.to what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?Give reasons for your answer and relevant examples


    we are living on planet where thousand of languages exist.Unfortunately,we are facing the fact that number of languages die out every year.It is no doubt true that our life will be easier with fewer languages .However I am of the opinion that extinction of single language is a serious problem that we should pay more attention on it.

    Factors that determine the establishment of language has been identified by linguistics.One of the most important factor is geographical condition.As our planet has various geographical circumstances,it is not surprising that thousands of languages have existed all over our world.Unfortunately thousand of problems appeared when we started to enter globalization era.some people feel it difficult to communicate with another people in their language .that is the reason that other people think that we should unify our language and extinction of some languages will help to attain the desired goal.

    On the other hand ,it seems to me that language extinction is indicator of domination of single language and culture.every single language reflects particular culture and extinction of that language will result in extinction of that culture.No one will say that extinction of culture is not important.

    In conclusion ,extinction of language poses a problem in the sense that it will result in domination of any single language and culture.

    Dr Hina,

  11. Dr Hina says:


    3Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society.Others,however believe that school is the place to lean this .Discuss both these views and give your opinion.


    A child education has never been about learning information and basic skills only.It has always included teaching next generation how to be good members of society.there is debate over who should be responsible for teaching how to be good members of society because now a days children show various problems in this respect.Many people believe that this sort of education should not be restricted to parents alone ,but also involves school as well.In this essay i will explore this problem.

    parents are no doubt of greater significance in educating kids how to behave in society. it is their parents who are responsible foe their early education,which will have profound impact on their personality when they will grow up.therefore telling children what they are expected to behave at early age should be responsibility of parents.also living in a family,children come across relatives, neighbors,strangers etc by teaching them how to behave with different relations should be responsibility of parents.

    On the other hand,school is also a place to learn because they are put in an organization.in school, a child has opportunity to access his peers which may come from totally different backgrounds.As a result conflicts could emerge in terms of ;personality,habits etc.If teachers could guide them how to behave with others how to treat them equally ,how to forgive for their own mistakes this could help them in their future life ahead.

    overall,although parents play an important role in teaching children how to behave in society,school shoulders great responsibility as well.only through combination of parenting and schooling children could be pillars of society.

    Dr Hina,

  12. Candidate says:


    Some people think that companies and individuals, rather than the
    government, should pay for cleaning pollution. To what extent do you
    agree or disagree with this statement?


    Many people believe that it’s a combine responsibility of the people
    and companies to pay the bill to clean up the pollution. I completely
    agree with this opinion because the problem of excessive pollution
    arises just because of the irresponsible behavior of companies. I
    believe they should take initiative to retard this issue. And that can
    be possible by paying the bill for cleaning our environment.

    The main reason, why I believe we should contribute money, is we are
    the reason by which pollution occurs. People use cars to commute to
    their workplace even if they are traveling alone. They could use
    public transport by which they can reduce the pollution. But nowadays
    people are so addicted by using cars, they can’t leave this habit.
    Therefore paying money might be a great idea by which they can
    contribute to decrease the level of pollution from the environment.

    In addition, companies have to dump wastes into rivers and into the
    atmosphere. They are the main reason why earth is being polluted day
    by day. They should realize their responsibility toward the
    environment. I feel that government should impose a rule in which
    companies have to pay the amount for cleaning pollution, based on
    their disposal of waste. As a result, government could allocate more
    budget to other important concerns like education and health.

    In conclusion, I believe that people and companies should pay their
    parts as their activities are the major reason why pollution becomes a
    major issue today.

  13. Alam Saleem Sabzali says:


    Early technological developments helped ordinary people and changed their lives more than recent development.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?


    Technological development is essential for world success and brought enormous changes in people’s lives. Certainly earlier advancement in technology assisted people who live in present era is entirely different than that.

    The people of past generation availed certain benefits from technological advancement. More than 70 radio was the source of information for them with the passage of time this technology was superseded by television, which not only provide information but also gave entertainment to them. In agricultural sector farmers plough the field through tractor that made their yield more productive and their life became easy.

    Development of computer made significant impact on people’s lives. They are more educated, professionalized and got worldwide information.
    On the other hand, in present globalized world people’s lifestyles are far more desirable and efficient by the modern technological advancement. Firstly, it is period of electronic gadgets, mobile phones, laptop Ipad which assist the youngsters use modern application more these features. They can carry these electronic products to schools, colleges and corporate organization. It is an electronic mail and social media sites enable people to exchange message within seconds. Thus, it does not only save time but it is also cost effective. In fact in medical science several electronic machines such as MIR and ultrasound diagnose diseases more quickly as compared to X-rays. Nowadays there are automatic household appliance such as washing machine, microwaves and room cleaner that assist people to live comfort life. In fact in agricultural sector modern seeds and fertilizer with specialized machine make their agricultural land more productive.

    In conclusion, technological advancement is vital for every people whether they belonged to past or present era. But technological development in 21st century changed people’s lives more desirable and convenient.

    Saleem Sabzali
    Garden, Karachi

  14. Alam Saleem Sabzali says:


    Population is increasing day by day but at the same time there are many problems associated with it. What are the causes? What solution do you suggest?


    Increasing population is a global concern for world communities which adversely impact on a traffic situation of residential town.

    There are certain major causes of traffic in residential areas due to increase in proportion of population. When population increases people will contact house and apartment nearby roads and streets. Which does not only create traffic congestion due to blockage noise but also air pollution which affect the people of that areas. Nowadays large number of family increase number of vehicles on roads and disturbed the traffic situation.

    There are favorable solutions that address the problems. There should be civic responsibility among people to use. One car for entire family. This act will motivate others people. As a result, number of vehicle on road will reduce. Government should provide public transport facilities. So that local people avail these facilities which help in saving money. For instance, in Pakistan public transport are major concern for people that is why people use two cars which impact on entire cities. Thus, efficient transport system such as green buses and circular railways not only protect environment but limit problem of residential area. There should be regulating authority to allow the family to use one car although it is quite difficult but problem can overcome in short time.
    In conclusion, traffic problem should address. Otherwise pose serious problem for residential people.
    Essays questions

    Saleem Sabzali,
    Garden, Karachi

  15. Ali Irfan says:

    Cambridge IELTS Book 7 Writing Test 4:
    Q.Some people thinks that universities should provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace.Others think that the true function of the university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake,regardless of whether the course is useful to an employer.What,in your opinion,should be the main function of a university?
    In Pakistan,there is a fixed education system to be followed on different levels of education institutions.When it comes to weather universities should provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace or to give access to knowledge for its own sake,regardless of the course is useful to an employer,there are different opinion provided by people.In my personal opinion a person should be provided knowledge which will help him in the rest of his professional life rather than providing him the knowledge which is of no use to him.
    By talking about my country education system that has been made for the students are quite questionable.In schools,colleges and universities every student is getting same sort of knowledge as decided by the board of education regardless that if a children have an artistic mind,a buisness mind,a mind of a sports athelete or weather that the knowledge given to the student will provide him/her benefit in the future or not.For example in the level of colleges every student of first year will read same course as provided by the government.Like in the subject Urdu,a student have to learn all the poetries,pros,introduction of the poet,life history of poet etc to get higher grade in the board exams which will provide no benefit to a person in his professional life.
    If i was asked about the justification of my thoughts,i would say that suppose if a person who is related to the field of medical,he or she wanted to be a good doctor and in university a teacher instead of teaching him/her biology started teaching accounting will it benefit the student in becoming a good doctor?In my opinion,university should be a place where a student should be having a better carrier counciling that what will be good for himself/herself in the future rather than let the burden of own benefits own their shoulders

  16. Alam Alam says:


    Now a days the way people interact with each other has changed because of technology.In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?Has this become a positive or negative development? Give reasons for your answer and relevant examples.


    Man, through the ages,has undergone many changes from the time when he depicted a herd of mammoths on the wall of the cave to the present day of modern technology.Some of these influences us positively and some negatively.This has also affected the way some people relates with each other.I strongly believe that these changes are beneficial to us.

    Communication is a potent aspect of our lives.Decades ago before the innovation of technological ways of disseminating messages other medium of passing information were writing letters,post cards and visiting.Now a days people usually interact with their friends

  17. Candidate says:

    Some people think students in primary/
    secondary school should be taught how to
    manage money because it is an important life
    skill. Do you agree or disagree?

    It is a fact that money management is the most
    essential skill to survive for living. I tend to
    believe that integrate the subjects related to
    money management and money saving in the
    school curriculum could be an excellent idea.
    Therefore I completely agree with the given

    The main reason is the ability of children to
    catch the information in the earlier age of
    education. Scientists say that the tender minds
    of children have the greater opportunities to
    build their interest towards particular subject.
    By developing such interests to a child,
    teachers can teach subjects regarding money
    control more effectively. As a result, we could
    eliminate child’s undesirable habits such as
    wasting money. Furthermore they can learn
    how to manage the flow of money in critical
    situations of their family.

    The other reason why I am supporting the
    mentioned statement is the poor present
    condition of people in several countries like
    India, Pakistan and Nepal. Lack of education is
    the main concern why local people of such
    nations are facing money problems. They have
    money, but lack of skills by which they can
    invest their money in different ways. This can
    be overcome by providing the education
    regarding how to invest money in a proper
    form to gain a higher return.

    In conclusion, undoubtedly, learning money
    management skills from school can be highly
    beneficial in one’s life, and can easily sustain in
    the unpredictable nature of the life.

  18. Alam Alam says:


    Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programs (for example working for a charity, improving the neighborhood sports to younger children).


    I agree to the author to a greater extent but not completely. Idea of engaging high school studies in community services voluntarily is encouraged but should not be made a compulsory requirement. Making it compulsory might portray it negatively in society & negative advantage/ personal benefit might be taken out of it. This idea is beneficial as it is overall beneficial for the communities & societies. It helps the students, at earlier stage of life, to become socially & morally responsible for the betterment of society. At the same time, it helps the student to become aware of the challenges that communities are facing. Serving for the community as a joint task, supervised by teachers develops a sense of teamwork & professionalism, which they utilize in their lives ahead for optional results. Unpaid service creates a sense of maturity, makes a closer bond with society, engages students into extra-curricular activity & keeps the students active & participative in every walk & aspect of life.
    I recall, few activities that we did voluntarily for society, which I believe was not only a good contribution towards a better society but it actually gave me immense pleasure & happiness for being a worthy contributor of good society. Our school arranged a week of cleaning the nearby adjoining areas. Some seventy students participated & took various initiatives on their own to clear chronic messes e.g father of one of or colleagues was holding important position in distinct government, who arranged to remove debris & busher from vacant plots/spaces, stagnant water was removed from the locations in depression , dust bins were installed etc. The look of area entirely changed, this initiative was highly appreciated & applauded of various levels & the scope of this activity was broadened to the town level.

    Another activity of national cadet corps (NCC) was performed by us to learn techniques to help army in the times of disaster. It was praise worthy activity but unfortunately was discontinued probably because of its compulsion.

    State Bank, Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Attaullah,

      – Introduction is not appropriate.
      – You have not categorized information in paragraphs shape. If you do so , there will less marks for “cohesion and coherence”,
      – Do not use sign “&”. You should use formal version word which is “and”.
      – The use of “and” is not appropriate in most areas.
      – There is no proper conclusion

  19. Alam Alam says:


    Increasing the price of petrol is best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.To what extent do you agree or disagree.what other erasures do you think might be effective?Give reasons or your answer and relevant examples


    With surging population and urbanization,there is no doubt that traffic congestion and air pollution have become pressing issues in today society.solving these problems is likely to need more than a simple rise in price of petrol.

    While it is undeniable that private cars use is one of the main causes of the increase in pollution and traffic,higher fuel costs are unlikely to limit the numbers of drivers for long.As this policy would also affect the cost of public transport it would be very unpopular with everyone who needs to travel on the roads.But there are other measures that could be implemented that would have large effect on these problems.

    I think to tackle problem of pollution cleaner fuels need to be developed.The technology is already there to produce electric cars that would be both quieter and cleaner to use.persuading manufacturers and travelers to adopt this new technology would be more effective strategy for improving air quality esp in cities.

    Traffic congestion cannot be solved by changing the type of private vehicle.To do this we need to improve the choice of public transport service available to travelers.eg by by building underground train systems and sky trains.

    In conclusion ,long term reduction in pollution would depend on educating people to use public transport more and government using public money to construct and run efficient systems

    Dr hina,

  20. Alam Alam says:


    In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their level of health and fitness are decreasing.What do you think are causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them?give reasons for your answer and relevant examples.


    It can be easily noticed that average weight of world”s population has been increasing .Contrary to that growth,there is a considerable decrease in their health and fitness,which is proved by common diseases such as obesity and diabetes.This essay will look at causes to this problem and some solutions to it.

    There are many reasons that account for this health issue.First of all,it is the introduction of junk food which results in the significant increase in the average weight .Fast food is mostly deep fried and served with coke.such combination contains nothing but fats and calories.Secondly, the amount of roughage is decreased in our diet.people usually prefer ready made food due to shortage of time and laziness to cook.sch food contain less fiber and more calories.Thirdly ,sedentary life styles are adding to third trouble.Taking up sports activities is one of the most effective way to work out weights and be more resistant.people tend to rest on sofas and rest instead,turning themselves into couch potatoes.

    To solve thee issues certain measures should be carried out.General public should be warned of the long term effects of eating fast food.Perhaps , media should have better nurture people about threats posed by fast food.Moreover,people should be encouraged for healthy activities.this will not only keep them in good shape ,but also ensure a good health.

    In conclusion,the increase in weight and decrease in health results from many reasons which can be dealt by various measures.However people should take immediate actions,otherwise it ill be too late to change the situation.

    Dr Hin,
    Multan, Pakistan

  21. Zara says:

    All our life majority of time is spend at work, it may vary from profession to person, from region to requirement. Knowing the variables , in past till today the element of job satisfaction is considered one of the standard parameter to justify the well being of an individual. This might be a measuring tool for all those who understand the need of time and placement in society with reference to their job status.

    In tandem with this, a variety of factors are required as integral part of being satisfied at work place. Such as peer competition where an unknown fear in worse circumstance makes an adverse effect on job condition and working environment. If working environment is healthy in terms of freedom to speak, application of personal ideas and above all peer co-operation, then there are less chances of being demoralization of an individual. In result better production and mutual rehabilitation can be seem among al employees together working under one roof.

    Secondly, acknowledgement, appreciation and job related contentment is another factor to show impact. A person, who is happy doing his job, has no match with a person who will be called on demand. A happy employee will produce better, faster and more efficient results rather than the reluctant ones. Monetary value definitely contributes in being elevated in life. Not to forget for someone else it might be less wanted. There are different theories that everyone has different levels of satisfaction.
    Need is the key to every possible assumption, having being satisfied at their job might be a desirable ideal rather than an achievable reality. So there are bright consequences leading to a situation where nothing comes by choice. Here this group of people would not matter any thing to do with job concerns but they just work to fulfill their legal and moral duty to win bread and butter for their loved ones. For them, this reality will bring benefits.
    To recapitulate, inner conscious level should be contented to feel great no matter what job you have taken.

    Defence, Karachi.

  22. Alam Alam says:


    It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents for instance for sports or music,and others are not.However,it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.Discuss both these views and give your opinion.Give reasons for your answer and relevant examples.


    Every person in the world has special and different skills.The relative importance of natural talent and training is a frequent topic of discussion when people try to explain different levels of ability,for example sports,art or music.

    Obviously,education systems are based on the belief that all children can be taught to acquire different skills,including this associated with sport,arts or music.So from our own school experience,we can find plenty of evidence to support that a child can acquire these skills with continued teaching.

    However,some people believe that innate talent is what differentiates a person who has been trained to play a sort or an instrument,from those who become a good player.In other words,there is more to skill than learned technique,and this extra talent cannot be taught,no matter how god the teacher or how frequently a child practices.

    I personally think that some people do have talent that are inherited via their genes.such talent can give individuals a facility for certain skills that allow them to excel,while more hard working students never manage to reach a comparable level.but ,as with all questions of nature versus nurture they are not mutually exclusive.good musicians or artists have probably succeed because of both good training an natural talent.

    In conclusion,i agree that any child can be taught particular skills but to be really good in an area some natural talent is also required.

    Dr Hina,
    Multan, pakistan

  23. Ali Irfan says:

    Cambridge IELTS book 4 Writing test 1:(Pie-Chart)
    Q.The pie chart below shows the main reason why agricultural land becomes less productive.The table shows how these causes affected three regions of the world during the 1990’s.Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.
    The pie chart shows the main reasons why agricultural land becomes less productive.The table shows how these causes affected three regions of the world during the 1990’s.There seems a bit difference in the total percentage of land degraded in North America,Europe and Oceania.
    First of all we will look on towards the causes of land degradation worldwide basis.Out of 100% of worldwide land,the most of the land was degraded due to over-grazing (by 35%).After that deforestation was another big reason of degradation of land (by 30%).Third reason was called over-cultivation which is recorded (by 28%).And there were also the other reasons involved behind degradation of land worldwide (by 7%).
    Now coming to the causes of land degradation in 3 different region i.e,North America,Europe and Oceania.Due to deforestation the rate of land degradation was (North America 0.2),(Europe 9.8),(Oceania 1.7).Due to over-cultivation (North America 3.3),(Europe 9.8),(Oceania 1.7).And due to over-grazing (North America 1.5),(Europe 5.5) and (Oceania 11.3).These were the numbers of degradation of land in these regions by reasons and now the percentage of the total degradation of land is provided as per the table i.e,(North America 5%),(Europe 23%) and (Oceania 13%).

    Cambridge IELTS book 4 Writing test 1:(Essay)
    Q.Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society.Others,however,believe that school is the place to learn this.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
    To be known as a good person in society or spend life as a respectable person,manners and behavior plays an important role.However,some people thinks that these ethics must be taught in school by a teacher to his/her student while other may disagree with that because they thinks that parents are the one responsible for the good or bad behavior of children.As far as my concern,i believe that a teacher also serves great to the ethics of the child but parents are the main source of knowledge for children.
    The reason behind that thought is clear and simple.A teacher is a person who teaches a child how to live how to see the world how to behave or act in the society,but a teacher cannot be with his/her student all the time to see his/her faults,to correct them by teaching them a good way and if we talk about these days,teachers are more concerned about the academic life of the child rather than the life he has to spend.Parents are the people who stays with their children for 24×7.They can correct their child if he did something wrong or tries to misbehave with someone and its also considered a duty to the parents.
    As far as manners are concerned,a mother contributes a lot to the children behavior.Coming to a religious side in Islam,an educated mother is known as a university itself.It is a rule of nature that a mother teaches her child more than a father because a father has to look out for the medium of spending life therefore a mother should be very much active in the social and religious ethics of her children.
    By talking about my opinion i will say,if we talk about the teacher in school,he has to contribute a little towards the child’s manners in society but in my opinion real teachers are the parents who have the duty to look after for their child weather he/she is on the right path or not.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Irfan,

      TASK 1
      – Do not copy introduction from the question in task 1.

      TASK 2
      – Watch your third person singular and plural.
      – Write conclusion separately in another paragraph.

  24. Hina says:


    Some people think there should be fixed punishment for each type of crime.Others,however argue that the circumstances of an individual crime and the motivation for committing it ,should always be taken into account when deciding on punishment.discuss both views and give your opinion.


    Some people say that we should decide the punishment after only thinking what crimes criminals committed.however,in many countries,the punishment is decided after criminals are asked about their motivations and circumstances in long trials.I think that we need to take into account various factors in order to decide best punishment for criminals.

    One reason why some people think that punishment should be fixed for each crime is that some family members of victims can not bear unless criminals experience the agony as dead people.

    However,it is difficult to decide a fixed penalty for each crime.think about an example that there are two criminals;one who killed a person for getting money and do not think that it is a fault,the other who killed a person by accident and really feel sorry.most people would not be able to decide a fixed punishment for both criminals.Death penalty is too strict for one person and being in prison for some days are too soft for other therefore,i think that we should think about the factors besides the crime itself.we need to decide the penalty after thinking how long it takes for criminals to expiate their sins.during this they need to feel sorry for their faults,swear never doing the same mistake and are forgiven socially.

    In conclusion,taking into account the criminals motivations n circumstances it is better to decide the punishment,thinking about various factors is essential for criminals to live with their sins.

    Multan, Pakistan

  25. Alam Dr Hina says:


    some people prefer to live in a house,whille others feel that there are more advantags to living in an apartment.Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compred with living in an apartment.give reasons for your answer and relevant examples.

    In big cities there are two options available foer the type of accomodation;houses and apartments.some prefer to live in apartments and some like to live in houses.

    First of all to live in apartmert many people ,esp those living in metro cities feel that buyin and maintaining the apartment is uch simpler and cost effective option since builders offer a variety of choices to choose from that too at competitive rates.secondly,apartments not only provide enough space for nuclear families but also offer varied neighborhood and secure environment which is an important aspect when thinking from perspective of metro cities.Another advantage is availability of gymnasiums,hospital,swimming pools for the apartment owners at minimum prce. On

    the other hand people opting for houses argue by saying “every good thing comes at good price”.Even if the houses are costlier but owning a house gives one a feeling of land lordship as one can construct and reconstruct the house as per one own desire.also it offers huge space to accomodate bigger families and unlike in apartment privacy is not compromised.

    At the end I would like to say that living in an apartment is a much better option than living in a house,keeping the benefits provided by the housing socities aside,it triggers a sense of oneness and camaraderie among neighbours which is vital in forming civilized society

  26. Ali Irfan says:

    Cambridge IELTS Book 8 Writing Test 2:(Graph)
    Q.The three pie charts below show the changes in annual spending by a particular Uk school in 1981,1991 and 2001.Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features,and make comparison where relevant.
    The three pie chart shows the total spending of a particular U.k school on workers salaries,insurance,teachers salaries,resources,furniture and equipment from 1981 till 2001.The thing that is noticeable is the difference between the time of collected data which is of 10 years,that means from 1981 after every 10 years a data has been collected for the total school spending till 2001.
    Talking about the year 1981,the maximum spending was done on teachers salaries (by 40%),after that most of the spendings was done on the Other workers salaries (by 28%),after that an equal percent of spendings was done on both Resources e.g books and on furniture and equipment which was (by 15%) and the least spendings recorded was (by 2%) which was on the insurance.
    Now coming towards the year 1991,once again the maximum spending was done on the teachers salaries (by 50%) and after that on other workers salaries which was (by 22%),after that the maximum amount was recorded on resources (by 20%).On furniture and equipment (by 5%),and on insurance (by 3%).
    In 2001,maximum spendings was done on teachers salaries (by 45%),after that on Furniture and equipment (by 23%),after that on other workers salaries (by 15%),on resources (by 9%),and finally on insurance (by 8%).

    Cambridge IELTS Book 8 Writing Test 2:(Essay)
    Q.Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?Has this become a positive or a negative development?
    Technology has effected the types and ways of relationships people make with each other.It is done after the invention of popular social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter etc.The development of these sites was done for the interaction of family friends and other peoples related with the work and offices.In my opinion this technology has bring more negative impact than the positive one.The reasons are discussed below.
    The reason behind the negativity is that after the development of these sites most of the people are getting connected to it.They like to make different friends on these sites by just clicking their profiles and sending them a friend request.These people spends most of the time on chatting with people on the sites whom they never met in life and does not know who they are talking with?what are their family background?These type of unknown friendships sometimes causes danger and became a reason of different crimes.
    These type of technology not only effects the children but to the youngsters also.There are some other sites which causes fraud or scams to the people.Such sites involves the marriage registration sites like matrimonial and others.People use to register there account on these sites and upload all their details information etc.Some people uploads there wrong details like they are well settled,highly qualified but in reality these are scams and causes danger to other people getting related to it.
    In my opinion every thing has use as well as misuse.Nowadays people are misusing technologies which are made to help people and make their work easy.We must not misuse the things that are made to help us in any way.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Irfan,

      – your essay has some grammar mistakes specially present simple with right form of verb.
      – third paragraph some sentences do not relate to the general topic of same paragraph.

  27. Ali Irfan says:

    Cambridge IELTS Book 8 Writing Test 3 (Graph):
    Q.The diagrams below show the stages and equipment used in the cement-making process,and how cement is used to produce concrete for building purpose. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features,and make comparison where relevant.
    The following two diagrams below show the stages and process of manufacturing of two building materials which are used in the making different building projects or works related to construction.These two materials are named as Cement and Concrete.However the process of manufacturing of these materials are way different from each other.Below are discussed the production stages of Cement and concrete that how they are manufactured and produced,step by step.
    Starting from cement manufacturing,the very first process involved in production of cement is to gather the raw materials i.e.limestone and clay.After gathering process,both are passed from a crusher in which they are crushed very well that they may converted into powder form.That powder is then passed out through the mixer.The mixer attaches a rotating heater with it in which powder is been rotated.An amount of heat is applied in the rotating heater.The produced material is now passed into a grinder where it is grind very well and after that process finally,cement is being manufactured.After manufacturing process it is placed in bags and carried out to the markets.
    Now coming to the manufacturing process of concrete,first of all,we take 15% of cement with 10% of water and 25% of sand with 50% of gravel (small stones).This is the raw material for the manufacturing of concrete.The final process involves mixing of all raw material gathered into a concrete mixer and finally the concrete is produced.

    Cambridge IELTS Book 8 Writing Test 3 (Essay):
    Q.Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.To what extent do you agree or disagree?What other reasons you think might be effective?
    In the current world,nowadays,most of the modes of transport used patrol as a medium to work.However,other mediums like fuel,C.N.G,L.P.G,and Diesel are also used in different vehicles but petrol is the highest consumed material for vehicles.Now many people seems to believe that increasing the prices of petrol will cause in low enviromental pollution and traffic jams.By talking about my opinion i completely disagree with this solution.
    The reason of my disagreement is that if suppose,our computer gets infected by virus that doesn’t means we will destroy it,we will try to fix the problem same as if over-pollution or traffic jams are getting occur,we should make cars more fuel efficient,avoid our cars to produce more smoke than normal,do not pull out silencers of the bikes or cars to make it more noisy.In foreign countries also,they drive cars but they use different precautions to minimize the risk of over-pollution.
    Another reason is that the vehicles are not always the problem related to the environment many other things effect the environment badly.For example high usage of powerful machineries in many factories which generate huge amount of harmful smoke to the environment .Usage of high sounds in computers,make your vehicles noisy also causes noise pollution because pollution can be caused by several means so it doesn’t means that always we must blame the transportation as the major cause of pollution.
    As far as my opinion is concerned,i believe that government should provide facilities to their people which will benefit them in spending life rather than declaring the modes of transport a way of over-pollution that will cause in inconvenience to the general public or people who use to work.

    Defence view, Karachi

  28. Nasse says:

    Please evaluate and provide me with some tips to avoid some mistakes in my next essays . How well will this essay will do?
    Every day traffic seems to get worse on our roads. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads today? What alternatives can we offer car drivers?

    More people means more using of cars, the increase of using cars means more congestion, more congestion means emitting carbon footprint and damaging the environment. Issues that related to traffic have been hotly debated recently and frequently discussed, particularly in Media. Governments and individuals should gather and work together in order to make some strides towards solving this problem. This essay will provide some optimum solutions that will help in reducing cars and its pollution.
    To begin with, first step that should be taken is educating people about the damage that they would make if they continued using cars especially in cities that have overpopulation. Another solution has been suggested is that governments should impose taxes on car drivers, which might not be satisfying for most people, but it will definitely be effective in reducing cars’ numbers.
    Furthermore, there are some measures can be offered to car drivers such as bicycles, which it is preferable by many people throughout the world for who cannot afford to buy a bigger vehicle and for some that thinking about preserving the environment. Public transports also have many advantages which reducing cars is one of its most important advantages. In addition to this, using a car that does not work on fossil fuels, but instead runs on other energy sources.
    All in all, there are many other suggested solutions and alternatives can be offered to car drivers instead of cars. Moreover, this issue is a serious issue that it should be taken into consideration. It is hoped that this problem will be soon eradicated to prevent more traffic from occurring.
    {295 words}

  29. Nasse says:

    Please evaluate and provide me with some tips to avoid some mistakes in my next essays . How well will this essay will do?
    Every day traffic seems to get worse on our roads. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads today? What alternatives can we offer car drivers?

    More people means more using of cars, the increase of using cars means more congestion, more congestion means emitting carbon footprint and damaging the environment. Issues that related to traffic have been hotly debated recently and frequently discussed, particularly in Media. Governments and individuals should gather and work together in order to make some strides towards solving this problem. This essay will provide some optimum solutions that will help in reducing cars and its pollution.

    To begin with, first step that should be taken is educating people about the damage that they would make if they continued using cars especially in cities that have overpopulation. Another solution has been suggested is that governments should impose taxes on car drivers, which might not be satisfying for most people, but it will definitely be effective in reducing cars’ numbers.

    Furthermore, there are some measures can be offered to car drivers such as bicycles, which it is preferable by many people throughout the world for who cannot afford to buy a bigger vehicle and for some that thinking about preserving the environment. Public transports also have many advantages which reducing cars is one of its most important advantages. In addition to this, using a car that does not work on fossil fuels, but instead runs on other energy sources.

    All in all, there are many other suggested solutions and alternatives can be offered to car drivers instead of cars. Moreover, this issue is a serious issue that it should be taken into consideration. It is hoped that this problem will be soon eradicated to prevent more traffic from occurring.
    {295 words}

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Nasse,

      – in second paragraph you have just opened statement but did not explain them which shows over generalization. Examiner will penalize you for that.

      – There are some grammatical errors.

      – Keep logical connection between all sentences in each paragraph so it does not break flow.

  30. Nasse says:

    ALAM, could ya check mei essay above?

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