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23 july 2015 ielts exam questions and practice

Questions and practice for IELTS exam 23 July 2015


IELTS exam date 23 July is not far away for which many candidates wish to prepare and get though in it. Practice for it by writing one complete test on daily basis. Those who wish to get their essays, graphs and letters checked by me can simply post under this post.

Also please share your speaking que cards or complete interview and writing task 1 and task 2 from General and Academic exam before, during and after exam.



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  1. Alam Alam says:


    Face to Face communication is better than other types of communication,such as letters,email or telephone calls.

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Use specific reasons and details to support your


    In past mostly people use letters for communication but with the passage of time new technologies changes the way of communication. Now in this modern world mostly people prefer email, telephone calls or video calls. All these types of communication have their own values and they use for different

    types of purposes. However face to face communication is very necessary at different moments in different types of conditions. According to my personal opinion face to face communication is always better than other types of communication.

    In face to face communication people see each other expressions. Sometimes people facial expressions are more important as compare to people voices. Many people read other peoples facial expression and this is natural in humans. For example, in interviews interview team always checks candidate facial expression and his confidence rather than his communication because only communication not tells you everything about people personalities. Now in these days many types of technologies used for interviews but all these technologies mostly fail because you not judge other person personality. Face to face communication is also important in relationships like family or friendship. In family and friendships only telephone calls and emails are not important but it is necessary you met with friends daily and face to face communication play important role at this time. People emotions describe everything to other person that’s why mostly people prefer face to face communication.

    All these types of communication provide many benefits to humans. May be in emergency cases face to face communication is not possible at this time email and telephone calls play important role. Mostly email use in offices for work purposes and telephone calls used for urgent message in short time.

    Finally all types of communication play important role in human’s life but face to face are most important. This is the reason mostly people prefer face to face communication rather than other communication.

    Noman Ashraf,
    Gujrat, Pakistan

  2. Alam Alam says:

    The graph shows the information between men and women about heart attack in USA of different age group. The horizontal side of graph show age group while vertical side show heart attack per year in thousands.

    The lowest heart attack ratio is in the age group of 29 to 44.Only 3 thousands women suffer from heart attack every year and it is nearly 41 times less than men which is 123 thousands per year in this age group.

    In the age group of 45 to 64 heart attack ratio also increase in women. Nearly 424 thousands men and 136 thousands women suffer from heart attack every year. In this case ratio between men and women is 3:1. If we compare previous age group with this age group heart attack ratio 3 times increase in men but in women it increase 45 times.

    In age group of 65 plus heart attack ratio is more than previous age groups. Heart attack ratio is at its highest peak in both men and women. This is 440 thousands in men and 374 thousands in women.

    Finally In both genders heart attack ratio increase with the age group. Women heart attack ratio dramatically increases with in higher age groups. While men ratio in last two age group nearly same but this ratio is 3 times less in first age group of 29 to 44 years.

    Noman Ashraf,
    Gurat, Pakistan

  3. Faud Ali says:

    Technology has played a major role in the world. It has some pros and cons that have made things easier. Moreover it is the bridge between different nations and countries and in some generation too.
    Before the technology was introduced things were show and it would take a long time for person communicates with another person living in a different part of the world.

    Secondly it would be difficult to get exact updates an event or any cries happening around f the world. For example if we see the economic crisis that happened somewhere in 2007 come to a bright light because of technology. If there was no technology then we wouldn’t have been aware of it.

    Furthermore, technology has decreased the economic gap too. Nowadays business organizations communicate through different channels and make a successful business deals and contracts. Not only but they also keep a record of their inventories and other important things.

    Internet computer social media apps are the best examples of technology. They have brought people so close that a person from Asia can interact with a person living in America. People make friends and in some cases they turn into relationship too. The term LDB (Long distance relationship) is more common and trendy nowadays many people are pursing it and they try to mingle and be with people of different races.
    Furthermore technology has enabled people to know about different culture around the world. In addition many people get into relationship with people from different a background which is a good thing and it leads to globalization and makes this world closed community where everybody from different background can be together.

    In conclusion given the reason above from technology. It has more positive affects then negative become it bridge the gap between different cultures and gives a new idea of making friends and having close relations with different people around the world.

    Faud Ali,

  4. Noman says:

    The chart below shows the number of men and women in further education in Britain in three periods and whether they were studying full-time or part-time.

    Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

    These graphs show the number of men and women in further education in Britain in three periods. Both show the difference between education in full time and part time in both genders.

    In females in all three periods both type of education increase with the passage of time. In 1970 to 1971 in full time education nearly 700 students enroll for studying while only 40 students enroll in part time education. In 1980 and 1990 part time education trend increase as compared to 1970 and it increase nearly 4 times more than 1970 that currently 180 to 200 students relatively. While in full time nearly 1100 students enroll in 1990.

    In males in all three periods’ part time education increases with the passage of time. In 1970 nearly 80 students enroll in part time while in 1990 nearly 180 students enroll in part time. I n 1970 full time education is at its peak point which is 1000 students. In 1980 full time education is at its lowest point that is 750 students.

    Finally part time education increase in both genders from 1970 to 1990 while full time education constantly increases in women rather than men.

    Noman Ashraf
    Gujrat, Pakistan

  5. Noman says:

    Public libraries should only provide books and should not waste their limited resources on expensive

    high-tech media such as software, videos or DVDs. Do you agree or disagree?

    Mostly public libraries provide books only but many people think without software’s and high tech media they are incomplete. In this essay I discuss some reasons why software and media are important.

    In this digital world nearly everyone knows how to use computer. Many people are like to read only digital books because of this reason they only buy electronic books. For example many new programmers read electronic programming books only because they copy code from e-books and paste this code directly in compilers. These tasks save many hours of programmers and they learn fast as compare to other books readers. Without media and software existence of modern hi-tech libraries are not possible.

    Nowadays, Software’s are very expensive. Mostly people not want to spend thousands of dollars to buy these software’s therefore they go to public libraries for such type of software’s. For example Simulation software. This software price is nearly eight thousand dollar that’s why no one wants to buy this software for small tasks.

    Modern libraries use internet and provide many facilities to their users. They use mostly their resources to buy books and buy same books more than once. If stuff is not available in one library they contact with others and make sure provide you everything that is necessary for you.

    In conclusion, Public libraries without new technologies not survive in this modern world. Digital media is necessary part of the libraries.

  6. Noman says:

    Firstly people always use various methods for enjoyment and most beloved method in adults and youngster is play games. Sports play important role in our daily life that’s why games are very exceptional for adults same as children. Various types of games are not only popular in children only but these games are most favorite games in adults. Many children and adults play these games for only enjoyment and some play these games for better health.

    Furthermore Sports are very important for children growth because when children play any games they feel active, energetic and happy all day that’s why they also perform other task perfectly. Children who play games are more active instead of other children and also good in education field. For example if children spend whole day only for study and they not go outside and not meet with friends and not play games than they feel tired and loneliness. That’s why mostly parents prefer that their Childs go outside and play games with other children.

    Secondly games are also very important adults. Unless they not play games than may be they lose their health and other task also suffer from this cause. Obviously if they play games they learn many things such as how to work in a team or how to perform lonely. These types of task are mostly in cricket and football games. After playing games people feel fresh every time. They understand the importance of health and life because you cannot buy health from money.

    Finally games play significant role in both toddlers and adults life and solve many issues with their health. Games are unavoidable part of our life without these humans lose their health and also feel boring in daily life.


  7. Noman says:

    The table below shows the worldwide market share of the notebook computer market for manufacturers in the years 2006 and 2007.

    Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
    The table provides information relating to manufacturing of notebook computers and their share in Global market in 2006 and 2007.
    HP Company has highest shares in worldwide market and it increase 3% more in 2007.In 2006 its shares was 31% in whole market. Dell Company gets third position in market and its share in 2006 nearly 16% but in 2007 this company shares rapidly boost as compared to other companies and at this time this company secured second position in worldwide market in 2007.Other Companies have nearly 23% shares they have 2nd highest shares in 2006 but with the passage of time share decrease nearly 3% and other companies in 2007 have 3rd highest shares in International market.
    In 2006 Fujitsu-Siemens Company has least market share that is nearly 5% but their share reduce to less than half in 2007.Toshiba and Lenovo has nearly same shares in 2006 but Toshiba share raise 1% in 2007 while Lenovo share drop approximately 0.5% in 2007.Acer shares remain same in both years but only 1% drop in 2007.In 2006 its current shares are 11.5%.
    HP Company has supreme global shares in market that is particularly ¼ shares in 2007.While Fujitsu-Siemens Company has least shares in 2007.


  8. Sabir says:

    There is no doubt that the best way to improve heath by doing sports such as jogging playing soccer and so on but I disagree with increasing the number of sports can improve public health. However from my perspective, some effective measure can be taken by people who desire healthy life.

    Admittedly the best way to live a healthy life, sport or exercise is required. There are lot of benefits of sports, For examples, It calories are burned by playing soccer it will be effective on daily life but remember only sufficient amount of exercise keep playing soccer all day they change to another sport such as cricket then obviously its not be good for body in fact it leads do side effects. I think one of major side effect is time, those extra time which is not required it can be spent with family or with friends, that time can be spend for fun or other useful activities.

    To solve this problem, people should be educated about public health so they can learn how much time should be spent in sport and how to utilize time in other things. Also some major measure can be taken by government such as providing facilities by constructing health buildings.
    To sum up, whatever our age are there is a scientific evidence that doing sufficient amount of exercise gives a healthy life.


  9. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to let you know that I am a student and final year of (Medicine and Dentistry) in your Victoria college for two years. As my final exams are in coming week so I need a place in your hostel to prepare for my exams.
    My demand is not for an expensive room, I required are bedroom with table, chair and lamp and also a bookshelf to place my books in it. Also the availability of computer with internet access will help me more in order to prepare assignments. Although these things will be in my general use, a good playing area outside the college will keep me relax and jocund after studying and working hard.

    My exams are starting from 11st of August and will end on 24th of August. If you send room before two days from 1th of August. If you send me the details of expense and rent. It will be more convenient for me to arrange and pay off you, before coming. You can contact me via email, my address is star_rich@hotmail,,com or you can feel free to me at any time via phone my cell number is 009264592
    I will look forward to hear from you

    Your faithfully,

  10. Noman says:

    It is becoming more and more difficult to escape the influence of the media on our lives. Describe Advantages and disadvantages? (22 words)

    After the invention of TV people life change with the passage of time. Now in this modern world approximately every one watches TV. Media play a significant role in our daily life. Now I am illustrate advantages and disadvantages of media influence.

    Approximately every one in this world likes to watch TV however they watch various TV programs according to their particular interest. Children and Adults mostly watch entertainment programs such as sports channels, dramas channels etc. While old people always prefer news channels. Media also play significant role in education such as some channels provide good information related to science, nature and general knowledge. Most popular channels in this category are National geographic and Discovery. Media change people life because they provide information in every aspect of our life. Imagine without media life if so boring that’s why it is impossible to live without media.

    There are many problems of media such as people spend too much time on TV and this is bad habit. Because of this habit many people miss very important things in our life. Sometimes people not give time to their beloved ones. They not enjoy the real life and not know the importance of life. Another disadvantage of media is that many political parties and some group of people use this for their own purposes. Using media they control the whole world and people not realize this situation. People expect TV provides right information but actually they are wrong. People need to open their eyes and see the difference between right and wrong.

    In conclusion media impact on our daily lives is very strong. However media always betray you so that’s why not always believes on media stories.

  11. Noman says:

    What discovery in the last 100 years has been most beneficial for people in your country?
    Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.(27 Words)

    Most popular invention of 20th century is computer. After the invention of computer everything changed in human life. Many countries use computer in every filed of life that’s why they are most successful countries in the world. This creativity also creates revolution in our country. I am illustrating some benefits of this discovery change our country lifestyle.

    Firstly the use of this creativity is mostly used in educational field. Approximately in our countries all educational sectors use computer for education purpose. They provide tutors that give basic education related to computer and their use. In this modern world all education material is available online and students use these materials for learning purpose. Many types of websites available that provide material related to educational field and general knowledge such as StackOverFlow.com Wikipedia.com etc.

    Secondly it revolutionizes the industry in our country. Now in our country computers is regularly used in industry and that’s why at this time artificial intelligence is main part of our corporation. In Pakistan many productions such as fans, clothes and car corporations use robots for products creation. All these companies use this technology because it is better than human and error free. These companies not depend on only man power and now they are successful companies in Pakistan.

    Furthermore this technology is mostly used in government sectors such as Passport offices, Airport System, Personal Identification and in military. Government sectors use computers for storing important records and military use this technology for many different purposes such as in air radar, drone and communication. However computer is also popular in people. Many people use this for communication, some use for education and some use this for their personal use.

    In conclusion computer changed the way of living and now it is mandatory in our life. Without computers humans not achieved their desired targets and they not invent other technologies.

  12. Faraz Latif says:

    Media provides essential role these days. The power of media has increased tremendously from the past ten years and if has gent power equivalent to low enforcing a gently.

    Media can highlight any topic or any special message such as flood protection alarms these days on television and this could eventually save life. If can highlight any crime so that the related low enforcing department could be informed and steps could be taken. Furthermore general public about the world and so a person sitting even in a village is well informed about the global world and this all is due to the media only. However nothing comes without any draw backs. This also implies on media. Media can create hype about anything for example a news comes on television regarding any politician, this will be available on social media as well as on news champed and the hole day the single thing will be repeated secondly media highlight the wrong side mostly as if is shown by a research that negative is more looped upon and a bad experience reaches to more than five person where as a good experience only reaches to 2 persons so in order to get high rating and more viewer ship negativity is spreader through media lastly there could be brain washing through media as well. From the recent issue of ISIS, the name of Muslims are used and if is not even known whether they are even Muslims or not.

    If can be concluded much recognition and special power but the special powers should not be used just to earn more money, if should be for the betterment of the society instead.


  13. Fuad says:

    Media is a key feature is today’s world. As the world is shifting from one phase to another, media tends to connect it to make a global village by increasing the communication. Media has played a vital role in our lives and some advantages and disadvantages.

    The bright side of media is that it built the gaps and bridge the loops between one and another through many different ways such as sharing the views and telling others about situation of a country or a reason. Moreover it gives a lot of knowledge about the trendy topics such as cultures, tourism and wonders of world. It explains it in such a way that a person can have a virtual tours of the place he or she wants to visit.

    Furthermore, media offers a variety of programmers that help us improve our life style and in some cases it helps us to improve our transferable skills. For example: A lady who wants to learn cooking can now access the internet classes through YouTube and increase has cooking skills. Furthermore media help us to gather all the information of the globe by just sitting in a small room on your bed.

    Having some advantages media also has some drawbacks and disadvantages. Firstly if we see internet which the most common type of media used nowadays. It isolates a person from the rest of the world. People tend to use more time is surfing internet and being in their own world rather than spending time with their family.

    Secondly it is one of the ways to destroy some ones personality and give total different image to the others. For Example: A well known businessman breaks one law and media flashes it in such a way that the audience starts disliking the person and build a negative image for them.
    Moreover, media gives false information at times and it also increases the stress level of a person. The recent research shows that people using the mass media have an unorganized schedule and they tend to sleep less.
    Conclusion, media has some very good advantages such as providing information and closing the gaps between nations.

    On the other hand it as some disadvantages that are that it can lead to high stress level and it can give out false information which can be dangerous. I think media is important in our life and it is essential for us.


  14. Bisma says:


    Dear Sir,

    I work in capacity of Assistant Manager in your authorized department. I am writing this letter to take few days off work for going to Dubai in wedding ceremony of my sister with my whole family members.

    Well, there will be the function of 5 days in Dubai. I need to take seven days off from my work because after wedding ceremony we will come back after more two days. We all want to come together and tickets are not available that’s why we will come seventh day.

    So , in my absence Mr. ABC will look after athe work I have discussed essentials task with him he will do my work in these seven days. You will not face any problem and disturbance during my off days. I have also completed my all previous work for your convenience.

    I am looking forward to hear you shortly.
    Yours faithful


    Celebrities and their performs play a very important role in every society but sometimes well known celebrities like film stars and sports person face difficulties and advantages in their lifes because of crazy fans and lovers. They also enjoy lots of advantages and I think they are more then problems.

    Firstly, I would like to elucidate their luxurious life, which they enjoy specially in the pick time of their success, people love to meet them and always ty to spend some time with their favorite celebrity and want to do everything for their happiness and do pray for their victory and prosperity. Celebrities do not feel alone anywhere, even if they go outside of the country their fans always welcome them warmly and try to give maximum comfort and relaxed environment.

    Secondly, famous personalities earn more money than others by their ability to perform differently. They usually have big house, luxurious cars, beautiful designer’s dresses and other precious accessories which make them glamorous and modern. Everyone want to get all comforts like celebrities, everyone dream this.

    Furthermore, in developed countries, celebrities are very respectable personalities. People and responsible authorities give special honor to them because of the unforgettable achievement which make their country bright and well famous in the world. In addition, if any celebrity suffers from disease and serious illness their fans always stand with them for support and betterment. People do whatever they can do for their beloved celebrity.

    In conclusion, I believe that celebrities are free from many apprehensive they do not face those problems which usually other people have to face. Famous personalities are our national heros, we should five them respect and love which can enhance their perform and nurish their work.

  15. Alam Alam says:


    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I am writing this letter to inform you that I am unable to attend office next week because of some family commitment.
    I would like to inform you that my family has been planning to go out of city for recreation so I am going to join my family trip and unable to join office from 01-Aug-2015 to 07-Aug-2015. My all jobs has been completed and there is no any assignment is pending from my side. However if is any upcoming urgent assignment come as my staff is there to facilitate you. And if they did not provided an assignment within a short period of time so you can emailed me or contact me on my cell number so we can managed in the way if I will available because I have took my Laptop as well.
    I am very thankful if you will consider any application and grant me a leaves as per company policy so I spent my quality time with my family.

    Awais Farooqi

    “Being a Celebrity – such as a famous film star or sport personality – Brings problems as well as benefit.”
    Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?
    One of the most arguable issues today relates to become a celebrity of a film star of sports. In this essay I am going to explain you the problems as well as the benefits of celebrity’s life.
    To my way of thinking money is not everything, no doubt you earn money for the your family, and if you not spend your life and not provide quality time to your family the meaning of your life is nothing, in current portfolio if any celebrity want to go outside for recreation with their family it is very difficult from them. Because the craziest fan of that celebrity always waiting for them to become outside and they want to meet them. Because of this activity celebrity do not give a good time their family. For instance Imran khan is our celebrity but they did not go outside for recreation with their family because they have a lot of his crazy fans.
    On the other side there is no doubt about the benefit of a celebrity life. They represent their countries in a different platform as well as our culture too. Also they earn a lot of money as compare to the normal person. Government also very much interested in the budget allowance to build that sector because they want to include in a developed countries. When any celebrity has join any party a lot of respect received from others as well as craziest fan is wanting to take autograph. This factor helped him to motivate our celebrity. They also enjoy the benefit like cars, security, big house because they earn a lot so they spend a lot too.
    To summarize, all the above facts shows that in my opinion celebrity faces a lot of problems and some instance they have also enjoying a benefit as well. But keep in mind that celebrity life is totally not providing a quality time to t family but earning too high to fulfill all the requirement for their families.


  16. Alam Suraj says:

    According to recent study, the more time people use the internet, the less time they spend with real human beings. Some people say that instead of seeing the internet as a way of opening up new communication possibilities world wide, we should be the concerned about the effect this is having on social interaction.
    How far do you agree?

    These days, internet has highly grown up and brought people so much closure. It is argued that most of the time people are surfing their time on internet rather on personal interaction.

    There are various software, utilities, and websites available on the internet through which one can get information about education, or he/

  17. Tahira says:

    The table shows information about the amount of beer and fruit juice consumed per person per year in different countries.

    Ireland amount is 155 liters Canada amount is 52.6 liters. United States comes into 2nd place amount of fruit juice is 42.8 liters.

    Belgium and Denmark are equal in the table United Kingdom increase only 1 liters and 97 liters. Finland decrease to 79 liters.

    Sweden decease to 35.5 liters. Australia is only 34.4 liters. It means they low liters.

    Ireland contains 155 liters. Germany contains 199 amount liters.


  18. Mushtaq says:

    Historically the human beings and their need for socializing has involved over time fundamentally need for communication, friendship and being loved by someone is inbuilt in the human gene. For this very reason the people in every era has employed different method of communication for interacting with friend, family and fellow from writing long letter to making calls to using internet and social media web sites.

    In today’s modern era where advent of technology has make it even more easier and excessible to interact with other peoples and create relationship. The social media sites like facebook, google, linkedin etc has facilitated the interaction and relationship creation more easier than ever. But at the same time there is a possibility of becoming the victim of fraud caused by broken heart.

    On one hand technology has facilitated the relationship building on the other hand fake relationship are sprawling in excess e.g linkedin isa very popular site among professionals for job hunting or creating professional relationship but it is my observation that many force are using it just to create hype absent plethora of jobs available in a particular world region but rather it is just a technique to make your profile popular among job hunter and building your own reputation.

    Although many people see technology development for relationship building as negative because of the many case being reported negatively or carses of fraud lard activities but I believe every situation has two pictures. And for me this is positive because you have excess to range of experiences in the form of friends, and fellows in the same field .


  19. Mustaq Ahmed says:

    The speed of advertisement in science and technology have inheazed or incredibly in last few decades . specially development and growth in computing , electronics and communication is breaking their own set target . I strongly disagree that machine translation is slower ; however , its accuracy needs to improve further .

    To start with computing , robotics , electronic and communication sciences are establishing new standards of speed every year . we have new models of computers, mobiles and other electronic accessories which are faster than their precious version and within few months newer and faster gadgets are coming . The computer working speed have increased many folds in last few years .Due to these advancement , machine translation has become exceptionally fast . There are software which can translate a complete book within minutes. Furthermore, there are among website which can translate any document a teat within few second free of cost . Through mobile internet these website are easily available and people on the go can use there services at lightening speed and at fraction of human translation cost.

    Everyday thousands of books databases are expanded with new addition of text on internet and huge text based data is generated by people .These databases are helping machine translation to translate more and more accurately .Now more and more languages are finding their space on internet. previously obscure or obsolete languages text and resources are available on web .Machine translation accuracy will further increased with passage of time as our databases of book will increase on internet .
    Last but not the least, machines have taken over many tasks from human being, such as ATM working as cashier and automatic parking spaces. It was untinkable few years back consider these job can be accomplished more efficiently by machines, same in the case with translation. The rapid advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) has opened many new avenues of growth. Now machines can interact with human being and develop emotions as well keeping these developments in mind, it is very much possible that machine translation will completely take over human translation in not very far future.

    To sum up, machine translations speed and accuracy is increasing day by day with advancement in science and technology. And it may take over human translation in hear future.

  20. Afia says:

    some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Other, however, say that this would have little
    effect on public health and that other measures are required.
    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Latest inventions and modern technologies are making life dependable , effortless and Tropid .Due to this reasons , physical fitness is a major concern of
    athorities as well as people now adays . I personally feel , that this goal can be achieved by providing opportunities of recreation which required physical
    According to one think camp , people can adopt healthy life style by providing them sports oppertunities . For instance , all educational institutions should
    have P.E subject complusory throughout their academic life with proper trainings and equipment provide . There should be training centers and sport
    clubs established by the government on nominal rates with proper maintenance of equipment and professional development of trainees in all residential
    areas without any discrimination.
    This is result , will motivate people to give time to thier health and be energetic . And with facilities provided their will be no excuse of not doing . Then for
    employees , friendly matches of foot ball , cricket and many other sports can be organized annualy or every month . Eventaually , with all these
    amendmens public will move towards healthy lifestyle and far from diseases . This will also refresh thier mind and boost them to work move efficiently .
    Furthermore , the other think camp emphasized more on the efforts to be done for arrangements of physical activities rather than on public health .
    Accourding to their view , it will result in a satisfying ratio of improvement in public health but will consume alot of time to organize which is an extra
    burden :Moreover , it will effect on budget as will and move or less it is an extra fatigue as life already in competition with time .
    In a nutshell , world is drowing in diseases and health lifestyle is the lifeboat for it on almost priority . It is rightly said that health is wealth . It is better to
    invest in improving healthy activities rather than an spending on clinical expense .

  21. Afia says:

    It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents , for instance for sport or music , and others are not . However , it is sometimes
    claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician .
    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion .

    Talent is one reality . It is true that some people have innate abilities of performing a particular task . According to me , it is true that some children can
    be trained in a certain skill with having any imnate talent for it .
    According to some doctriens , children can only excel in which they are extremely talented since birth . For instance an artist whether a musician
    or a painter is born with the talent to play with colors or instrument . This doctrine does not count training in any regard to in born abilities . It is also
    said that the inbred gift of nature can determine their future in a particular skill.
    Whereas per the other philosophy , a child can be trained and groomed for a particular if it is desirable . If a youngster has an wrge to learn a subject then
    forsure he/she can master the skill without having any particular talent for that skill . To me it seems acceptable that excellence can be achieved with
    opportunities and a lot of practice .This myth of being naturaly talented for a particular area kills the other persons desire to be in that area . Shakespear ,
    Mozart and Picasso they were born with abilities but yet they did not purely rely on that . They only practice and thought differently .
    In short , it can be said that no doubt people are born with certain talent but a child can also be taught and trained for a particular skill . Certain academics
    and institutes like Napa and Arts council in Pakistan known for this work . Overall , if a person desires for something then it is achieveable with complete
    devotion and dedication .

  22. Alam Alam says:

    Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin a foreign language at a primary school rather than Secondary School.
    Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

    Some school of thought believe that the children at early schooling stage can learn foreign language easily as compared to children at later stage.
    This is not an easy question to answer, but in this essay we will look at this issue.

    To begin with , providing education in foreign language in primary school level have many advantages, first and foremost advantage is that children in their primary school have fresh mind and they can conceive things much easier, also enabling them to interact with people with much more confidence thus making a better social circle.

    Another advantage is to prepare them in future, as the time passes competition becomes harder and harder and only the person who is well prepare and possess extra potential can meet these challenges.

    On the other hand some people think that providing foreign language in early stage will create extra burden on them and they may not do well even in their regular studies and it should be provided only when they become mature at later stage.

    Secondly, in some situations, for instance in the case of an immigrant child, it would become very stressful for the child when he has to learn three languages( Native, Country Language, foreign language at school) simultaneously at primary school. In worse circumstances, as some researchers have shown from their studies, such children have difficult in deciding which language to speak and may end up learning nothing. Clearly, this child would face no difficulty if he is taught the third language at secondary school.

    To sum up, I am strongly in favor that children should learn foreign language in early schooling level provided that it should be clear, progressive and transparent and things should be imposed on them, but it should be in such a way that they enjoy it along with their regular studies.

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