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18 april 2015 ielts exam questions

18 April 2015 IELTS  exam questions


18aprilPlease find below questions which came in exam in 18 April 2015 in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia and other parts of the world.





Speaking questions


Describe your favorite personality

You should say:

When you met him/her

Where yo met him/her

how long have you know him for

and explain why he/she is your favorite personality


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  1. Asad Raza says:

    IELTS General Writing Task 1

    You know a Couple . They have invited you their wedding but you are not able to attend their wedding .

    Tell them why you cant attend
    Invite them to your country
    What activities they can do when they are with you

    Writing Task 2

    People now a days have unhealthy diet and do less exercise.

    What do you think are the reasons ?
    Suggest some solutions for this problem ?

  2. Technology has influenced every aspect of human lives. From studies to relationships, technological advancement routine to affect our lives in various ways. Man is a social animal and thus technology has brought about remarkable change in our social lives as well. It has changed the way people have interacted with one another be it family, friends, colleague’s or total strangers from any part of the world. The introduction of various devices and software’s has made it easy to communicate and relate with me another. A person sitting in any part of the world is just a click away.

    Similarly relationships have received their share of change with new technology. Unlike people in older times also used to wait for days and months to receive a reply from their relative, people of today can talk to their families and friends in any part of the world in real time. This has greatly helped families stay well connected to each other at all times. Facilities like email, video calling and group conferences had made all this more fun and easily accessible.

    While everything has a positive face, there is an opposite side of the coin too. Young people get easily distracted with the case of access to people around the world. The excitement of meeting and be friending like-minded people also exposes them to people with ill intentions chatting and texting all the time may divert them from studies and hard work.

    Many young people fall trap to people promising them a good relationship which may not turn out in their favor at all times.

    A friend of mine met a study partner online. They started with studying which continued to long hours of web calling and chatting. Both of them decided to take the exam together for which they had to trade. The boy promised her all kind of assistance in studies and accomoed action abroad. While my friend took it seriously they guy had other intentions. After the transfer of some amount of money, they guy never showed up.
    While as the negative impacts of technological advancements has produced a huge stir in society, the positive are more pronounced. Whether or not we realize, technology has improved they way we communicate and thus has helped in our relationships building and maintenance.

    Dr Samra Fahad,

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