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IELTS writing task 2 essay in recent exam dated 9 January 2014

 IELTS writing task 2 essay in recent exam dated 9 January 2014


ielts essay in recent examThanks to one of IELTSExpert student for sharing task 2 essay in recent exam dated 9 January 2014 in Karachi, AEO and IDP Vietnam. This question is about argument where you have to discuss opinions from both sides and include your opinion as well.



Task 2

Country Karachi, Pakistan

Some people think government should allow people to carry guns for their security. others think they should be banned.

Discuss both opinions and discuss your opinions

Write 250 words

Time 40 minutes


Task 2

Country  Vietnam IDP

The public transport should be free of charge for the public. Do you agree or disagree with this?

Write 250 words

Time 40 minutes





40 minutes time
Please write and paste in comments box, remarks from Sir Alam will be given.





9 Responses so far.


    Its a very controversial topic.many people agree and disagree on it but i think ARMS should seriously be ban in our country and other countries asswell.
    i understand that some people want the government to allow them carry guns for their own protection from robbers and for their own self defence.but its not a good idea.
    If the govenment started to allow every one to carry gun the country wont be peacefull after all wars are started with guns. for every action their is an opposite and equal reaction like robberies,grand theft auto,killing would increase in the countries. than their will be no peacefull talk among missunderstanding situations like if a buisness deal goes wrong it will skip straight to the ARMS instead of peace talks.
    Landmafia will increase if everyone was allowed to carry guns. they will occupy properties of other with arms and in the hurdle some one will get hurt.as i am trying to say is that if people were allowed to carry guns what will be the use of the police the nationa gurads and the arms if the people want ARMS to carry that bad they sohould also learn to use in good ways.
    in pakistan millions of people die because of arms smaggling if arms were allowed WORLD WAR 3 would have been started lets take china for example the chinese government banned ARMS in their countries they dont even have their own army they signed the peace paper in simple words they will mind their own buisness.
    well i think for security ARMS are good but in the era we are living in the ARMS should be banned at all cost as they dont have any good use and will only lead one to a mini war

  2. Alam says:

    Dear Chsthi,

    There are some grammar mistakes.
    You also need to improve paragraphing.
    6.5 Band essay


    Beside a lot of advantages, some people believe that the Internet creates many problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


    Internet’s popularity is increasing day by day minute by minute.i think their is no reason to believe that internet creats problems. internet has become a necessity for every home.
    internet has more advantage than disadvantages.its up to the people who use it in this way that it will be a problem for them.internet is so common that a rational person wont go a day without internet because people in this era are addicted to internet they have thir facebooks
    and other sociliztion stuff depending on it.internet is used in libararies for information and one who has a annual test coming and dosent have a tutor can find information on it and some videos how to solve his test. buisness men also depend on internet because their busy all day and their mobile phone are used 99% of the day for buisness deals the clients which cannot contact them by their cell they leave a message on ther hotmail id through the internet .mobile companies like blackberry depend onthe internet because they have their 24/7 running software called the BB Messanger used for socilization.
    its also used for people who travel far from their home… country and still keep them self up to date about their famlies like for example talking on skype or have a webcam conversation. like i said its up to the people how they use many people has their buisness attatched to it like Facebook,Twitter and many more.
    Through all that i completely disagree with the people who think that the internet causes problems.

    • Alam says:

      Reference is lacking like you could have used it instead of repeating internet again. Similar practice could be done for rest of words repeated. and don’t use words like “stuff” that makes essay informal. Use capital when start new sentences.



  5. nima says:

    Taking legalization of carrying firearms into consideration as an approach to provide security is a globally debatable issue which has a few couples of arguments supporting both views, those for and those against. Many dwellers, in particular, in western countries deeply believe that, having guns assure the safety of a society, but the immense number of experts commonly cites that armed citizens threat the community’s safety.
    The beauty of having guns is, people can defend themselves against murderers, muggers and so forth. In addition, it could be a potentially effective crime deterrent approach; the proponents of this idea claim that, if the criminals had knew that their victims carry some kinds of guns, they would not have attack them since they afraid of conflicting with them.
    However, police authorities are hardly agree about carrying gun by individuals. If persons have the right to use gun, the rate of committing accidental crimes will be dramatically boosted. A brawl, for instance, if one person send another into rage, the person would lose his control and he will simply carry out a crime. Additionally, if carrying guns are allowed, not only will dwellers have guns but offenders will be also provided by guns, so then worse will come to the worst. Moreover, these days in many states police officers are used to not carrying gun to enhance the strength of the friendly bond between the police and citizens, and permitting people to use guns will ruin this positive atmosphere.
    If guns are allowed in the community, it will have few advantages, though as it has been cleared above, there are several glaringly obvious repercussions which should be considered. In my personal view, the drawbacks of carrying gun outweigh its benefits and respective of this fact, the most straightforward method to curb the rate of crime is that, government had better to assume the responsibility to raise people awareness and pass some strict rules for penalizing wrongdoers.

  6. nima says:

    i wonder if u correct my writing
    thanks a million

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