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AEO online IELTS results

Online IELTS  Result

Once you give your IELTS exam , it takes 13 working days for IELTS results to be announced. You can check your result online or wait for one more day for the certificate to reach at the address you have mentioned in the form.

AEO online system will not display results for more than 28 days after your test date.

You need the information mentioned below to get your online result.

1.  Given / Other Name(s):

2.  Family Name:

3.  Passport / ID Number:

4.  Date of Birth:

5.  Test Date:


Click on the link below to search for your online IELTS result



AEO Karachi New Address: C-151, Block 2,Clifton, Karachi 75600

Phone: (9221) 111-236-000,

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